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dunny 8incher

By JasonJacenko
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well almosts done got a better phot of it painted with a brush and acrylics
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looks so ready to kick some ass...
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lol i love the expression on his face :) this is so cute. you have an amazing imagination :)
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johnnyjinxProfessional Traditional Artist
Very nice. What size is it?
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8inches high
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now I know it's sad that I can pick this out ... but are those the weapons from Manga Techno Spawn?
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yeah they are the toy is dunny too custom toys you use what ever you can get its not scrach built i can do that just dont have the time yeah i hve heaps of spawnt toys and ther good for bit and pieces to add on
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Hey I was just seeing if my toy skills were up to par for guessing accessories heh. I'm somewhat a collector.

Your stuff is mind blowingly awesome man. Just wish I could get some of it here in Vancouver. You work would be covering my shelves if I had the chance. Not just blowin' smoke up your butt. Totally my style of what's awesome is coming out of your head.
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spot on man you picked it ive got 3 more of them still on the card and all differnt varinants form the same toime and the ild ones the wepons on this one are from the newer version
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another great dunny, this one rocks
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VegasMikeProfessional Digital Artist
Do you sell these guys? Great stuff...
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im supper busy at the moment but yes i do sent me a not if you want to be on the que and we can talk more about it this ones for sket one as still isnt finshed yet
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VegasMikeProfessional Digital Artist
are these things your own creation or do you buy blank doonies from somewhere? The point Im getting at is marketing these things as a toy line...You could make a fortune with a series of these guys
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dunnys area toy line put out buy tristan eaton from kidrobot they dont sell blanks yeat so i had to paint ove and printed one yeah ive got some ideas for my own toys down the track when ive got more time
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jashackhProfessional Photographer
Woaah... this bunny just kicks ass... Literally too! :D
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AK-Is-HarmlessHobbyist Traditional Artist
Suitably horrifying. :D

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Frickin' awesome.
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I like it. Looks almost like a real toy.
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it is a reall toy that i painted thanks
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hahah... sweet
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