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Updated 7/30/09
Without further ado, I present to you Erubescence.

Known compatibility with sp2, x86 and x64. This was intended for Aero users but now it's basic friendly.

Big thanks to ~kiovit [link] for helping with the x64 system files. You're a scholar and a gentleman.
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You say to install the shell32 you have to turn your uac off, what is the UAC and how do I turn it off? :/
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Have you thought of porting this style to Windows 7?

And about my Halcyon caption button comment. The caption buttons in Erubescence with a glow inside them could look very nice with Halcyon.
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I've been mulling it around, but I don't know.
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No worries, you'll do it or you won't.
I Dig the image on here...I couldn't get the Shell32 or browser files to work with the theme. Followed instructions, but seem like maybe it either doesn't like Vista 32 SP1 or Vista Home Premium? I dunno...All in all I do dig this theme. :)
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well, i created it in 32 bit, sp2, but I dont think that's an issue though. sp2 has been live for some time now, you should try to update and then reload the files... when (if) you do though, you'll have to redo the uxtheme patches.
Thanks, I would go for SP2, but deployed to afghanistan, with internet that takes 1hr to download your theme...450mb would take a whole
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tell your CO to get you a better connection! lol.

BTW, thanks for everything you guys are doing out there. Much respect.
Lol...I wish it was that easy...shared PC connections Thanks man..!!
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looks pretty good dude =)
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I love it!! Really awesome
cool theme but shell32.dll crashes my vista ultimate 64 bit..any help?
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The VS was created with x86. i'll see what i have to do to make it compatable. sorry for your luck.
Yeah, well if you need any help with the files...Just let me know. i would be glad to help you out since this visual style rocks!
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This is very nice.

Except for the wallpaper -- I had to tweak the sun colors/streaks to better match the theme.

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Show me, I might want to update. :D
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this is nice. i was wondering how to change the buttons.

may i ask you, how do you change the panel in the personalization window?

thank you.
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Sorry, man. I hate to be the first guy with a bug, BUT I am, I think. I recently installed this and my start menu is screwy. It's not transparent the way it's supposed to be. Any ideas?
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Ok, so first I'll ask if you're patched?
sp1 [link]
sp2 [link]

Then i'll ask if you put the extracted folder erubescence into windows/resources/themes and if you put the erubescence .theme file there as well

if you've answered yes to both of these... I'm totally scratching my head!

How are you loading your themes?
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Ya. I used a program called VistaGlazz to patch my operating system. Hmm. I dunno what you mean by putting the erubescence folder in that location. I put the theme file and a folder with that name there, but am I supposed to put the whole extracted folder there? Everything else worked just not the start menu. I really like the way everything was thinned out. Right now I'm using a Leopard theme for Vista. SO..... I can load themes fine. I just dunno what's wrong with yours. (No offence to your desinging skills.)
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perplexing. I'm aware that there may be issues for vista basic. I' working on an update. Maybe that fix fix your problem too.
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