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:iconkirrasama: just posted a really cool family portrait of my SONS OF THE BAT redesigns. I'm so stoked! :D :D :D

<da:thumb id="398280952"/>
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  • Eating: the souls of my fallen enemies
  • Drinking: the blood of my fallen enemies
Hey folks,

I drew the cover for the convention exclusive variant of Bravest Warriors #1!

Bravest Warriors + Pizza + Convention Exclusive = by jasonhohoho

I will be at the BOOM! Studios booth on Saturday November 3rd, 2:00-3:00pm, signing, sketching, posing for photos with infants and puppies, etc. Come by and say hello!
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Taking a break from packing/worrying about SDCC to post a few pieces of art and write this journal. Also, I have been slowly but surely chipping away at replying to comments etc. I'll resume after SDCC!

If you follow me on DA and see me at SDCC, please feel free to introduce yourself and say hi. :D
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  • Drinking: NOTHING
Just doing some much needed upkeep on the ol' DA gallery. :D
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IM transcript between myself and :iconduss005:

Jason: i support this

Dustin: thanks buddy

Jason: if i didn't, you'd shank me

Dustin: shanks buddy

Jason: lol (laceration out loud)

Dustin: shiv it all you got

Jason: living on the edge

Dustin: cut me some slack

Jason: c'mon, just take a stab at it

Dustin: its okay. seem like youve got a handle on this

Jason: knife handle! lol

Dustin: play it to the hilt jason

Jason: just a slice of our everyday lives

Dustin: HA! this is a good one. like a double edged knife. we're both gettin it

Jason: hahaha

Dustin: suckin it dry. like blade... the VAMPIRE

Dustin: OH SNAPS- FLIPPED IT. brought a new topic into daylight

Jason: damn. youre driving me batty

Dustin: fang you very much

Jason: these puns are our life's blood

Dustin: i know man, every pun is like a stake thru the heart

Jason: don't be cross with me if i can't keep up with you

Dustin: i know i know... how can i even look at myself in the mirror anymore

Jason: i'm have a helsing of a time topping that

Dustin: well, just try to sink your teeth into it and see if you can change anything

Jason: none of this is ringing a bela... (lugosi) ._.

Dustin: that's pretty deep, but we'll have to bury that

Jason: you know, i enjoy activities in that vein

Dustin: i know, but its hard to coffin up anymore after a while

Jason: you couldn't drac another pun out of me if you tried

Dustin: no no, you win. i pale to your puns

Jason: … *CHOKE* dammit!

Dustin: haha... time to retire to our castles jason

Jason: i'm gonna soil myself


Jason: i'm gonna post this in a dA journal btw

Dustin: well, make sure you dont water it down too much. keep it alive for the readers. give them their fair CUT. (aaand we're FULL CIRCLE)

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Merry Christmas to you and yours!

More Snow Than Man by jasonhohoho
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  • Watching: Rankin Bass Specials, It's A Wonderful Life
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  • Eating: Lasagna, dark chocolate Kit-Kats
  • Drinking: a lot of tea
- I'm done with commissions! Please take a second to check out the final round: Help The Cheerleader, Round 21 FINAL by jasonhohoho

- I can't wait until I get to take my days off around the holidays so that I can build a bunch of stuff with Legos.

- The wind is bonkers in LA, and I love it.

- Hope everyone is getting their holiday season started right!
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  • Drinking: a lot of tea
06/09/2011  UPDATE!!!!

Incredibly, we received about 150 requests for commissions. Even though we were capping it off at 20, I've decided to honor all the requests. Details here:…

If you helped spread the word, or requested a commission, thank you very much! If you didn't get a chance to get in, please consider donating to the cause anyways:

* * * * *

If you just want to get right to the specifics of the commissions, CLICK HERE.

The cause that I'm raising money for is

From the site:
A Silsbee High School cheerleader took her school to court when they kicked her off the squad for refusing to cheer her own rapist.

The week of May 5, 2011 the Supreme Court refused to hear the case and is requiring her family pay the school $45,000 in legal fees.

We want to help – and we want to give you the opportunity to help too.
The less I say about it, the better, cause if I start talking about it, I'm just gonna get mad. Suffice it to say, this is utterly unacceptable, and if we can help, we should.

So for $20 bucks, you get a full color sketch from me and you help a good cause! And if you don't want a sketch from me, you can still donate to the site, that's cool too! Either way, please spread the word! Thank you!
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Hey all,

Please check out the new group :iconthemutantzoo:, founded by :iconkatcardy:, and featuring pieces by :iconjazylh: and :iconhappymonkeyshoes: and more!

Lots of fun artwork in there, and more hybrid challenges starting with Rabbit X Robin for January. Check it out! :D
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My friend :iconjazylh: is holding a contest to promote his independent manga THE BEAST LEGION.

The prize packages are pretty spectacular--for example, first prize wins $100 cash, 1 year premium dA membership, 800 dA points, 4 commisions from various artists, AND MORE. That's just first prize, folks!

Please check out the article and fave it if you get a chance:…
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Woah! I broke 15K pageviews, AND it looks like I just got my first Daily Deviation for my Simpsons/Futurama crossover pin-up:

Worlds Collide by jasonhohoho

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who has watched me, faved a piece, commented, llama-badged me, or even just dropped by to take a look at my gallery! I haven't had a chance to reply much because my dear old computer is on its deathbed, and my new computer doesn't arrive until next week. Once I'm all set up I'll get back to responding, and as promised, I will absolutely give a llama badge to everyone who gave one to me! :D

An EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA big thank you to :icontyrie2001: for suggesting my piece as a Daily Deviation, and to :iconrydi1689: for featuring the piece! I'm terribly honored to receive such attention.

Thanks again everyone, it really means a lot! :D :D :D
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Oh no... :iconpeter-v-nguyen: kindly pointed out that there is further evolution beyond the Super Llama... Albino Llama, and Super Albino Llama? Plus the ultra rare Golden Llama? (I have yet to see one in "the wild")

Check it: :thumb159213293:

I guess my milestone was more like a milepebble!

I don't expect to reach the upper levels of Llamadom, but nonetheless--GIVE ME A LLAMA AND I'LL RETURN THE FAVOR! DO EET!!!

* * * * * * *

Who cares about page views? Or number of watchers or faves? Who cares how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers you have? The size of your paycheck, or how pretty/nice your girlfriend is? Meaningless.

Today I hit a true milestone...

      "Your Llama has been upgraded to a Super Llama."


</zelda music>

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Normally I hate this stupid holiday.... but in this case--

  • Reading: Megaman Complete Works art book
  • Watching: King Arthur and the Knights of Justice
  • Playing: the guitar, badly.
  • Eating: arroz con pollo!!!
  • Drinking: grapefruit juice
hello to the 3.5 people who read this journal and don't know me in real life.

just took a big old ART DUMP, so that my DA gallery is now caught up to my sketchblog. this year "Robotech Tuesdays" (or mondays if i get too impatient to wait) are going to be a regular feature, and i'm going to try and get back on my street fighter pics in addition to the usual random assault of he-man fan art and self-absorbed cartoons.

i got pretty busy last year after halloween and had to post a bunch of old art (from november thru mid-december) to my sketchblog in order to keep up with my 2-a-week goal. i'm not going to post that stuff here, but if you want to check it out, go here:…

i'm going to streamline my DA gallery, and scrap some of the pieces that are either old, or a bit out of place, or that i'm not happy with... and if i don't like a piece AND it has no favorites, i'm going to delete it altogether (everything will remain archived at my sketchblog however).

lastly, yes, i am now one of THEM. a twittererer. follow my hi-larious hi-jinx, won't you? my screen name is jasonhohoho

hope everyone got through the first month of 2010 in one piece and is ready to keep kicking ass for the rest of the year/century/millenium/eon.
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I don't often rave about some new favorite that I stumble upon here on Deviant Art, mostly because usually hundreds (if not thousands) have already favorited anything I happen to like. But here's a rare instance of someone who hasn't got a lot of attention:

Check out :iconsynthezoide:, in particular this bad-ass piece: New York After Disaster by synthezoide

Thundarr, Planet of the Apes, and Kamandi??? WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?

It's criminal that he doesn't have more pageviews! And for the record--I don't know him at all, :iconjazylh: just pointed him out to me, and I was blown away.
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Johnny Monster #1 from Image Comics is out!

Written by Josh Williamson, and drawn by talented fellow deviant: :iconjohnnymorbius:

Here's the cover to Issue #1 (cover colors by me):
Johnny Monster Issue 1 by jasonhohoho

And here are the upcoming covers for #2 and #3:
Johnny Monster Issues 2 and 3 by jasonhohoho

Lastly, here's little fan art I slapped together to commemorate the release of Johnny Monster:
Boy Meets Monster by jasonhohoho
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I'm very excited--Dear Dracula, a 48-page hardcover children's book, published by Image Comics, and created by my dear friends, Josh and Vinny, will be available for purchase this Wednesday (October 15, 2008)! If you can't find it at your local comic book shop or book store, you might try

The book tells the story of a funny kid named Sam, who's obsessed with Dracula, and decides to write him a letter--honestly folks, a fantastic all-ages book, especially for the Halloween season.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I was inspired to cook up a little Dear Dracula fan art:

Something for the Season... by jasonhohoho
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Josh is at it again--this time it's the Necessary Evil trade paperback, collecting the first five issues, and clocking in at 128 pages. Written by Josh, with art by Marcus L. Harris, Vinny Navarrete, and J.C. Grande. And it also happens to have a three pager that I might have mentioned before. Here's a look at the cover, by Marcus and Vinny:

It's out Wednesday, July 9, so go support your local comic book store and buy a copy! Right now! Or order it online!
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Josh and Vinny have got an all-ages book coming out from Shadowline and Image Comics later this year, and there's an interview about it at Newsarama, along with some great preview art. The book is titled Dear Dracula, and tells the story of a weird kid who decides to write a letter to Dracula instead of Santa Claus. I had the opportunity to read Dear Dracula in advance of its release, and now I'm really looking forward to seeing it in stores. But, in the words of Levar Burton, don't take my word for it--check out the interview and the preview art!

Dear Dracula is available in the July edition of Previews catalog from Diamond Comics (you can find it on page 160 of Previews and the order code is jul08 2222). It'll hit stores in September, just in time for the Halloween season--ask your local comic book store to order it. And after you do that, be sure to check out Dear Dracula on Myspace!

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