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Fangs For The Memories

also posted on my sketchblog:

You're reading this impossibly dorky blog, and asking yourself, what kind of a person is this enigmatic J.Ho? Well let me tell you something--the other day my boss gave me a Transformers pencil (because it's well known throughout the office that I am a zealot for Transformers), and the first thing I did with that pencil... was sketch a Transformer. I did it, as if compelled by some greater force; as if inaugurating that Transformers pencil appropriately with a drawing of a Transformer was ensuring that all was right throughout the universe--nay, the multiverse. That is the kind of person that I am.

So, here's Grotusque, one of the Monsterbots.

Though I never owned the Grotusque toy, I always thought the character looked cool: (sabre-toothed tiger) + (dragon) = WINNER, as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, because I don't own the toy, I have no idea what color it really is--in various photos I found online, the main torso appeared anywhere in the range of magenta, maroon, or burgundy. In the end, I think my colors skewed too close to the magenta end of the spectrum. Oh yeah, there's also no rhyme or reason to the light sources in this pic.

Close-up photos revealed that Grotusque's face was molded with a slight texture--in my mind, this implied fur, so I decided to give my interpretation an organic face.

The wing is cut off because that's where the paper stopped. And on that awkward note, I will end this post.

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Holy crap! Sabretoothed cat + Dragon?! HOW COME I'VE NEVER HEARD OF GROTUSQUE? :noes: