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Leopard Folder Replacements

A lot of people said they didn't like the new "embossed look" folders when Leopard came out. This set of icons is for those people. They are Leopard style, but not embossed. They feature Apple's full color icon artwork laid on top of the regular Leopard folder.

Hope you like them.

See also the dev folder at this [link]
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Thanks Dude! Really appreciated!
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I love it. :) It's a mix between Leopard's base folder style, and Tiger's colored theme. :) Two thumbs up :)
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I download it and it was great. but I couln't find any .ico or .icns in package

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this is all I wanted

thanks alot
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Nice icon, I like it. Thanks. :D
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can u make a black version of these?
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Afraid I lost the .PSD. Don't have time to do them all again.
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omg thank you!!! SO much better
Using them, simple and elegant... now I can tell what the heck each folder is... thanks for letting us benefit from all of your hard work, it's TRULY appreciated. Thanks again.
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yeah i found the png and converted them to .ico! thanx for the help
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Is there anyways i could get them in .png or .ico format? Thanx in advance!
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I double checked and the .PNGs are in there. if you're not seeing them, I don't know what to tell you.
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.PNG I can do. (And thought I had.) I'll update it shortly.
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