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Enter today's date (m-d-y): 12-27-1981

The IBM Personal Computer DOS
Version 1.00 (C)Copyright IBM Corp 1981



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Enter for iMac G3's autograph and a chance to win an upload to my gallery.
1. It must be a girl
2. She must represent the iMac G3
3. No Nudity is allowed (Big boobs are allowed, though.)
4. No 'All your base,' 'Breast Expansion,' 'I see what you did there,' or other memes except 'The answer to life, the universe, and everything.' (Allowing dogshaming will be saved for the Intel iMac Torture Contest)
5. Violence, Blood, And Gore are allowed, but don't do it against the main character (which is your representative of the iMac G3)
6. You may be able to use other characters, but the main character must be the iMac G3's representative.
7. NO PAINT DAUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You must not use paint. Please use pencil, pen, marker, or anything but paint brushes/buckets.)
8. No using Intel iMacs (They suck. If you want to use them so badly, use the iMac G5 instead.)
9. No Stupid drawings (Drawings that break rules 4 or 7 count under this rule)
10. No hatred of your iMac G3 Representative (Drawings that make their representative of the iMac G3 look bad, involve actually trying to kill the iMac G3 [see rule 5], placing your iMac G3 representative in the trash, etc.) (Also counts under rule 9)
11. No WWE PG (WWE 1998-2008 is allowed, though. This counts under rule 9)
12. No using paint buckets because you can't make a beautiful drawing otherwise (see rule 7)
13. No using paint effects in MS Paint (I can't tell it from actual paint, so it counts as breaking rule 7)
14. No using paint effects in GIMP (Again, I can't tell the paint effects from true paint, so I will classify it as breaking rule 7)
15. No using paint effects in Photoshop (You know. In case you forgot, I cannot tell paint effects from actual paint, so it counts as breaking rule 7)
16. No using watercolor effects (Watercolor is paint, so see rule 7. NO PAINT DAUBS!)
17. No using melted crayons (I can't tell melted crayon liquids from actual paint, so it counts as breaking rule 7)
18. No using paintballs (See also rule 7)
19. No using swearing by the iMac G3 representative (If you choose to throw in an iMac G4 representative, you can make HIM talk, however.)
20. N0 sp34|<][/\/9 ][/\/ 1337!
Winners get to get uploaded onto my gallery AND get a free llama badge!
Sorry, but I can't give points or premium because I don't have money.
Ways to get Disqualified: Break the rules; Make terrible, horrible, no good, very bad drawings that even The Cheat can draw better; Steal another user's drawings; not following deviant art rules; etc.
Also, please be aware that this is sponsored by 10-10-220 and the Council Against Paint Daubs (Which is why I put rules 7, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 here.)

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