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Ulvenwald Bear

Done for Magic:the Gathering, Dark Ascension. This is the newest of the set.

High quality archival prints of this image can be found here:
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Huh-ho! :D That looks awesome! :thumbsup:;-)

:+fav: F2U BULLET | Brown Bear

Love it to death, but not a literal death by mauling!  Do you still have any rights to this image, or does MtG own all rights? I ask because I'd like to use this image as "inspiration" and as an exemplar for a creature in a mod for Darkest Dungeon.  The mod is a large project called "The Mountain", and we have created a new area, and are stocking this new section of the game with beasts and monsters [in this case, a cave bear].  It is a fan-based project and will be available free to the public on Steam and probably the Nexus, as well.  The image will have to be cut into sections, completely repainted to fit the style of the art in game, then all that will be re-integrated in some fashion into a 2-D fully animated monster model ala…. To be clearer it will not be copied verbatim, but will serve as part of a reskinning, and as a working base for the above example of the sprite-based animation.  I hope I explained that clearly?  Credit will be given to the rights holder(s), and a link will be given directly to this page. I would also post a link here to the project and this work in particular.  I will wait to hear from you.  In any case, thanks for your talent, and you showing us your designs and images - fantastic.
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I love Darkest Dungeon, I was a backer on kickstarter funding campaign actually ;) 
Unfortunately though, Wizards of the Coast does own the copyright for this image, and I can't offer use of the image for any purpose. But I can't imagine using it for inspiration goes against any legal constraints, so I say, as long as its not an exact copy, you should be alright. And I think a cave bear is an awesome monster idea for this game!
Thanks a million. Definitely keep you in the loop.  However, I have to be very careful, as you know, in using images.
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absolutely fierce! Nicely done.
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God ... Beorn is in the place !!!!!!!
Great work ;)
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Wow, that is a really impressive piece of art.
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I'm thinking about use part of this as a tattoo, is great :-D
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Nice job on capturing the action in freeze frame. The bear's expression of rage is dead on.
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Now that's a powerful Bear!
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this image kicks much ass
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pretty much how I'd look like when I'm pissed.
the bear ist awesome
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"Oh Shit! Yogi's on a rampage! Or is that Smokey?"

This is awesome!
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That is one badass bear...
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THIS is amazing. I love love love bears and the destructive behavior shown in this piece is so badass.
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Great piece of work.
Thanks for sharing...
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