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The King of Summers End

Done for the "Winter is Coming" group show featured at LTD Gallery in Seattle in March, and then also displayed at Emerald City Comic Con after the gallery show finished its run.
I chose the central character because in a group show, I figured some of the more popular characters in the series would be over represented in the art on display, as the artists all wanted to produce something that would likely have universal appeal, which always help make a purchase more likely. Because of this, Renly Baratheon would likely not get a lot of visibility, despite being an important character early in the series, so this would help the work stand out in a room full of amazing art done by some incredibly talented artists.
It's also a re-working of an image that I created for the card game years ago, and was really happy with the concept, but felt the final work wasn't really as good as it could have been. So I used it as an opportunity to revisit the idea with a more modern take, a more graphic style, and without the kind of deadline that sometimes accompanies collectible card art.
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This is a really cool effect; it seems like an ancient tapestry now splashed with blood or paint.  Unusual to see a flat effect like this when you're clearly so good at 3D/lifelike perspective.  Really neat.
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This is intimidating, but...somehow it feels sad too, like some sort of tragedy is about to be played out.
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Its the Game of Thrones, there's always a tragedy about to be played out. 
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Wow, that looks awesome! :D
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The most relevant and accurate Renly art I have seen in a long time (In my opinion, the casting for the show was done poorly for Renly). Absolutely love it, amazing work!
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I've been following your artwork for years, but only started really getting into Game of Thrones when the HBO series first kicked off. When it finally occurred to me that a lot of your art was GoT related, I lost my shit. (figuratively speaking)

Your GoT art is a thing of beauty, man. I love it. :salute:
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Always liked Renly, he would have made a good king.
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I saw this at ECC, very nice, lots of lovely work there
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Looks rather intimidating.
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oh yeah, this is col.
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"The king is in Highgarden." 
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