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done for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.
Completed in 2010 I believe, but I forgot to post it here when it was published in the game.

Prints of this image can be purchased here:
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I recognize this guy from the Last Samurai.
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This piece is great; I admire the level of realism you were able to achieve and of course the painting style is beautiful too. Love it  X)
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Fantastic painting, love the details and the "feel" of the painting!
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the details here are amazing
Four swords? :) Awesome pic.
Four swords? :)

Awesome picture!
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Great artwork. I love your technique and the colours. But the saddle looks to modern ;)
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"Hell you need four swords for?"

Great work both foreground and background.
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Very nice illustration. I particularaly like the také forest in the background. :thumbsup:

A (very) small comment on the sword hand though. At least in the school of japanese swordsmanship where I practice we always hold about one finger breadth down from the tsuba (guard) to have good freedom of movement. If you hold all the way up to the tsuba you might scratch yourself on the steel. Though if a correct grip will look good in a picture I'm not sure.
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Great picture, very good.
He's got a whole lot of blades there - a katana in his right hand and probably a wakizashi at his right shoulder, with the shorter hilt. What about the other two? I'm rather curious.
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superb illustration
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Great expression!
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the overall picture is awesome! but you have a HUGE plus for a more believeable "common" horse :D most ppl draw some noble breed that is nice looking, but didn't exist in that particular time period.
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