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Inner SeaNPC Codex cover

Done for the cover of Paizo's new pathfinder book, "Inner Sea NPC Codex". This one was brutal, but incredibly fun at the same time. A good half to two thirds of the characters were provided, and the rest I squeezed in to add to the scene. (I added in some of my prestige class characters from the core book for fun, since I loved doing them originally and have looked for a chance to draw them again ever since) The crowded look is meant to reference Wayne Reynolds art from the first NPC Codex, with a similarly complex composition of layered characters and background elements. Spent a couple weeks putting it together from start to finish, which is extremely long for me, but once I started adding in additional details and trying to pack in as much as possible, it became tough to stop.
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Amazing work!
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This looks like it must have taken weeks...
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That's pretty awesome! I can recognize most of those characters! :)
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Love it! I always enjoy fantasy inn and alley scenes. Always so much going on. Good stuff!
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Beautiful work. The details are amazing.
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Fantastic piece...
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I've seen this somewhere before ... but where.
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That's insanely awesome! :)
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Beautiful characters here! I just love it, all the details and even the little kitty... :)
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awesome render!!!
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great atmosphere,  is very nice^^
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That must have took awhile!
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If anything was to get me back to playing Pathfinder....this would be it.
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This is awesome, I lvoe all the action you captured and all the detail you put in. Wonderful!
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The detail in this is mindblowing! I love how there's something different going on wherever you look in the picture; it really gives the impression that you've just stepped into a whole world. I think my favourite's either the unimpressed elf with the sword and the hawk or that person on the right with the hat and the high collar.
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Beautiful detail!
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Magnificent work! Amazing how many details there are! You can look at it all day and night long and still find something fascinating new! :)  Love the atmosphere, too!
amazing, nice work
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