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For a comic cover that was never published. Still, not a subject I get to do a lot of the time, and a fun style which I haven't had a chance to use in a while so it was a fun experience.

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KainMorgenmeer's avatar
One of the best paintings of the devil i know
MyLadyTheWinter's avatar
YES That´s my Lord end love.....!!!!!!!!
GregLakowske's avatar
very nicely done
weiSSe-Ratte's avatar
Dont mind, but he's... CUTE!!!!
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orinoko69's avatar
This is an amazing piece of work, love this depiction of lucifer, gives more true meaning to the fallen angel story. Thaks for sharing :)
because he used to be the brightest of angels...
amidarosa's avatar
You nailed that sneering expression!
RosieA's avatar
This seems to fit Lucifer more than what everyone else thinks lol.
amidarosa's avatar
I was abt to say that haha
RosieA's avatar
Ha ha awesome! Great minds think alike, eh?
Schwesternblut's avatar
wow. very nice persepctive... this pic is amazing
captain-chemosh's avatar
Great job with the leader of the rebellion against god. You've managed to capture the air of arrogance and spirit of evil rebellion without losing the fact that he was an angel and his heavenly beauty will never truly fade from his form.

Also, kudos on his AMAZING wings :D
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insanecatlady's avatar
Hes got a real air about him that says come play but not in a very nice way lol. There is also an underlaying air of arogance that comes from the truly powerful. Stunning work
SerenadeOmega's avatar
Nice to see Lucifer portrayed as the fallen angel for once instead of the evil red dude. In fact, I actually find it more creepy this way, as there's only subtle details to suggest the evil persona locked within which is juxtaposed against his angelic appearance.

Great job ^_^
black-cat16's avatar
It's great work, something what is not sparkly and shit. I really like how you drew him...
ghed101's avatar
you make the light bringer that much more evil! awesome work!
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