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City of aThousand Steeples

On July 3rd-5th I'll be heading to Montreal to Attend the Magic Grand Prix as a featured artist. It will be my fifth GP and my first trip to Montreal. They also asked me to produce a custom playmat image for the event, one that related to the local flavor in some way. While I could have easily done an image that involved moose playing hockey while slathering themselves in maple syrup, I decided to... do a little research on the city itself instead, and what makes it such a unique historical destination. As it turns out, it has been called "The city of one hundred steeples", for its seemingly endless supply of churches and cathedrals. And that seemed like a pretty great place to start for a gothic fantasy art piece.
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This is so atmospheric I love it :D 
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Wow, the embodiment of 'epic'. Very powerful and imposing. :clap:
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This is absolutely stunning. I love that you researched into the area and came up with this idea. The churches in Montreal are truly beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the Grand Prix <3
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Insanely magnificent! Excellent job, my dear! Good show! :D
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This makes me think of Dracula and his castle.
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Awesome art work dude, congratulations!

He looks badass.
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Величие как оно есть)
Шикарно !
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Tremendous Lord! Just obey, mortals! Ohm... Ohm... 
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This is awesome :D I love how the colors all kinda blend
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congrates on being the freatured artist ! :)  this work reminds me of castlevania (sp?), the video game.  well done
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Very nice.  I'm thinking this is some kind of vampire lord.  Excellent choice of colors, use of light.
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Just phenomenal. Love this.
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I love this! And your other art is awesome, most impressive :D
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Awesome work, Jason!  Love the texture and the deep crimson of the interior cloak.  Gives it a feeling of blood-saturated living tissue.  Very nice touch.
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