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January 25, 2005
Celestial by ~JasonEngle offers us a view into a battle quite unlike the likes of which we’ve ever seen (unless you see stuff like this on a regular basis, in which case, consider heavy investment in a mental hospital -- I’ll pay the fare!). Exquisitely executed and with such a provocative war-garb, sure to strike fear into the enemy and pride from the friendlies. Wage on, mystical warrior! Wage on!
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shishiyoukai's avatar
Oh! I see this after.... 11 years? XD still awesome
M-man22102's avatar
I've finally found the original. I've seen and used renders of this. Amazing job!
ThemeSoar's avatar
This is just awesome. And I don't mean it as in that "Dude!" kind of awesome. I mean AWESOME.
Hi, i am impressed about your picture.
Am I allowed to post it on Facebook, to show it my friends and other guys ?
Vaichi10's avatar
Thank you for inspiring me.
MarcBilynk's avatar
Oh my , awesome ob dude soo badass xd
jjmorris's avatar
Your art is such an inspiration. Awesome work.
mrfjtrjh465478's avatar
This image is lovely but so many asses on YouTube keep stealing it...
Aldark's avatar
lol I remember seeing a demotivational of this years ago, with the text "Level 20: youll get there one day!"
GnarledContradiction's avatar
This is a very beautiful piece!
The armor is superb, the color scheme is rustic-looking (which is always cool) and the flowing elements give it a very nice ethereal feel!
Fantastic work! :D
ThexSilverxWolf's avatar
Love this picture, and love your Star Hero cover (for Hero Games) too.
brilliant war angel!! Keep em comin!
Vindicious's avatar
dragonmaster12's avatar
just.... dear lord wow!
captain-chemosh's avatar
Xeonzs's avatar
This is amazing, I love it! :wow:
NBVega's avatar
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