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Anyone seen Johnson?

Smoking kills.
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I like the name title. Anyone seen Johnson? Werewolf rips soldier head off
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Oh.ohh...ohhh this man is dead.
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is this supposed to be humorous? Because I'm laughing
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I like, I like O.o
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Soldier: [thinking] Things have been quiet for a bit (puffs cigarrette) though I better keep my guard up, and wait for Johnson to report.

I love it!
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Thats really scary...
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fucking awesome XD!
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You should do more weres for sure; this is amazing. I have an autographed print my father snagged for me at GENCON. : ) Consdering it for a tattoo design.
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I think johnson's right behind ya, bub. Although in pieces or person (Ware-wolf) Is hard to say
he's fucked nice job
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Yeah! Right! Smoking can kill tou really slow or really fast :D It could be great commercial for gamers :D
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makes me wanna watch dog soldiers :)
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this is so scary. lol that dude is so dead.
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Badass, seems like it would make a good story.
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lol. that it does. awesome job btw.
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Ok the painting is awesome but the concept and the title made me laugh a lot.
Werewolves Rule!!!! Humans Drool!!! oh ya, Brilliant pic !!!
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The picture had me speechless from it's total Awesomeness!

The artist comment made me roll off my bed laughing my ass off.
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