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November 22, 2010
Suggester says: "Looks really amazing with the colours and the grasp on perspective. It's also quite cute how it show satire. I can't believe it's been painted - and on paper! Shows you don't need expensive materials to uncover the true witty talent within."
King Kong Blogs final by ~jasonedmiston
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King Kong Blogs final

Village Voice cover for week of Jan 25, 2010.

Final painting is done. Higher value range in foreground, as well as secondary edge lighting adds dimension, allowing Kong to pop. The glow from the laptop (using a third color of light) adds a little more dimension to the hands and belly, as well as reinforcing the overall image contrast, adding believability to the sunset lighting.

Final adjustments are done in Photoshop, but are merely subtly tweek contrast, saturation and color.

13" x 15.5" acrylic on paper. Tweeks in CS3
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Dear readers, I am enjoying my stay in the big apple, but I am wondering where the big banana is. Hospitality leaves something to be desired, but I have met some interesting people. The food is okay but a little chewy. New relationship on the horizon, and I may yet break into the showbizz.
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Nothing like a trusty, Banana computer :lol:   Nice work!  A belated congratulations on a much deserved DD! :clap:
What kind of computer is he using?
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Kong's blog post:Roooaaarrr!!!
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"OMG just climbed tall building with hot blond, totally gonna get some tonight! X)"

GODZILLA-Liked this
I don't remember this happening in the movie.

Very nice work, love the expression on Kong's face.
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Computers today are so user-friendly, even King Kong can learn how to use one.
He's obviously trying to get a signal.
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LOL, funny! ^_^
do you mean the final version of this picture or do you mean king kongs final blog?
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Final version of the art, because I posted the process earlier.
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This is so cool i can't even think of a witty comment.
Oh wait i can:
He's chatting with his friends Godzilla, Mothra, and all the others how their day went, comparing damages.
Well, that wasn't witty at all.
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"Planes! They b H8t'n, they b trollin'!"
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