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May 20, 2011
Suggester says: "is bold and dramatic and seriously enhances the grimness of the story in my memories - in a pleasant way, of course."

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by ~jasonedmiston
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Suggested by Amberrant
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

"Strange case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde"

Originally for sale at Gallery 1988: Melrose, from the "Required Reading" group show which featured limited edition posters inspired by classic novels. The gallery show was curated by OMGPosters & Rob Jones.

18" x 24" screenprint on heavy paper. Limited edition of 50.

The prints sold out quickly at the gallery, but unlike those, my few remaining copies are signed and numbered. For sale here:

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kaaslave's avatar

A tentacle? I don't remember Hyde being that ugly...

Hehe, the tentacle gives a slight Lovecrafty vibe.
Khandle's avatar
I saw this exact design used on a jack-o-lantern at this festival of jack-o-lanterns.
Moik17's avatar
Uffff definitivamente volvería a comprar el libro si tuviera esta portada.
hubertroguski's avatar
esbjorn's avatar
Great poster!
Korwynze's avatar


and very sad cuz the good doc dies right?

perushinkov's avatar
A musical in my city used this picture for their poster... Do you know anything about that?
jasonedmiston's avatar
No. They probably just pulled it off the web.
perushinkov's avatar
Sorry to hear that, Mr Edmiston! I guess few nowadays have respect for intellectual property. Have a great day regardless!
jasonedmiston's avatar
You too! Thanks for the heads up.
perushinkov's avatar… It's a great picture! It was the reason I went to that show!
miyura69's avatar
really show the old style
Luv it ~
TheGrimSurvivor's avatar
Outstanding render!
Dezmodus's avatar
I was looking through images of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to get ideas for a jekyll and hyde tattoo and I was really hoping to get something where jekyll was looking through a bottle like this! it's PERFECT! Would you mind if i got this tattooed on me? (i'd link back to you when posting pics on line of course)
jasonedmiston's avatar
Of course! That would be cool, and I'd love to see pics.
Dezmodus's avatar
Wonderful! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures once it's finished!
lu13ckySB's avatar
That how I came across this photo! I am using it for inspiration for a tattoo! I am gonna use the pose and redo all the artwork and put myself into it.
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