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My Bio

I'm 28 years old a 28 year old and also all Television shows except Arrowverse shows seasons and movie series cinestory comics also video game consoles series fan.

List of schools "I" Jason Christopher Dela Rosa, Casey Scanlon Marc King, Ben Marinello and Kenny Yukatirat Charlie K Jacob Martens and also others and some of "my" friends also mates went to or about to enroll and became friends.

Heatherwood School 2007-2011

Swinburne 2012-2013

Box Hill Tafe Elgar And Whitehorse campuses 2013-2014

Holmesglen 2015-2016

Workplaces "I" done for work placement :Target and Siemens in Bayswater and Chirnside Park

Institute I Studied: Box Hill Institute

My Things I like to do list:

Going to church and going overseas and watch scary movies and not so scary movies and television shows and others and going to spas, gym and saunas

Workplace I'm working: Connecting 2 Australia also Clayton Top Gun Powder Coating

Stuff and Things to do when I'm not volunteering or working or going to school: going overseas and going to spas and saunas and going to comic conventions and event centres

Artwork I like: all

Devices I'll be using:

Apple Watch Series 4 also iPhone 7

List of favourite songs:


My Past Is Not Today

Dark Horse

Hollywood Tonight

Can't Be Tamed


Life Is A Runway

Paint It Black

Sweet Dreams

Welcome Home

Don't Wanna Go Home

I'm An Albatroz


Welcome To The Show

Just Like Fire

Rumple's Party Palace

Awesome As I Wanna Be

Thriller and also Head's Will Roll

All About Us

Now Or Never

Just Dance

Try Everything

What Is Love

Fashion (Lady Gaga)

Ways To Be Wicked

What's My Name (2017) - China Anne McClain, Thomas Doherty & Dylan Playfair - Descendants 2 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

It's Goin Down (2017) -Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClian, Mitchell Hope, Thomas Doherty, Dylan Playfair Descendants 2 (Original TV Movie Soundtrack)

A Place Called Slaughter Race (2018) - Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot & Cast - Ralph Breaks The Internet - Ralph Breaks The Internet (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

In This Place (2018) - Julia Michaels

My Year (2018) - The Cast of ZOMBIES

Fired Up (2018) - The Cast of ZOMBIES

Fired Up - Competition (2018) - The Cast of ZOMBIES

Our Year (2018) - The Cast of ZOMBIES

Catchy Song (2019) - (feat. T-Pain Dillon Francis & That Girl Lay Lay) Dillon Francis - The

LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

We Got This Together (2017) - Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttsershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Granny Smith, Apple Bloom, Spike, Big McItosh

I'm The Friend You Need (2017) - Capper (Taye Diggs)

Time To Be Awesome (2017) - Captain Celaeno (Zoe Saldana), Rainbow Dash, Applejack,

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Mullet, Lix Spittle, Boyle

One Small Thing (2017) - Princess Skystar (Kristen Chenowith), Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity Seaponies

Open Up Your Eyes (2017) - Tempest Shadow (Emily Blunt)

Rainbow (2017) - Songbird Serenade (Sia)

Off To See The World (2017) - Lukas Graham

Thank You For Being A Friend (2017) - Rachel Platten

Can You Feel It (2017) - DNCE

I'll Chase The Sky (2017) - Jessie James Decker

No Better Feelin (2017) - CL

I'll Be Around (2017) - Palmer Reed

Neighsayer (2017) - Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real

Arabian Nights (2019) - Will Smith

One Jump Ahead (2019) - Mena Massoud

One Jump Ahead (Reprise) (2019) - Massoud

Speechless (Part 1) (2019) - Naomi Scott

Friend Like Me (2019) - Will Smith

Prince Ali (2019) - Will Smith

A Whole New World (2019) - Mena Massoud & Naomi Scott

One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2) (2019) - Mena Massoud

Speechless (Part 2) (2019) - Naomi Scott

A Whole New World (End Title) (2019) - ZAYN & Zhavia Ward

Friend Like Me (End Title) [feat. DJ Khaled] (2019) - Will Smith

Speechless (Full) (2019) - Naomi Scott

The Big Ship (2019) - Alan Menkin

Agrabah Marketplace (2019) - Alan Menkin

Aladdin's Hideout (2019) - Alan Menkin

Jasmine Meets Prince Anders (2019) - Alan Menkin

Breaking In (2019) - Alan Menkin

Returning the Bracelet (2019) - Alan Menkin

The Dune (2019) - Alan Menkin

Simple Oil Lamp (2019) - Alan Menkin

The Cave of Wonders (2019) - Alan Menkin

The Basics (2019) - Alan Menkin

Escape from the Cave (2019) - Alan Menkin

Prince Ali's Outfit (2019) - Alan Menkin

Until Tomorrow (2019) - Alan Menkin

Aladdin's Second Wish (2019) - Alan Menkin

Never Called a Master Friend (2019) - Alan Menkin

Harvest Dance (2019) - Alan Menkin

Jafar Becomes Sultan (2019) - Alan Menkin

Hakim's Loyalty Tested (2019) - Alan Menkin

Most Powerful Sorcerer (2019) - Alan Menkin

Carpet Chase (2019) - Alan Menkin

Jafar Summons the Storm (2019) - Alan Menkin

Jafar's Final Wish (2019) - Alan Menkin

Genie Set Free (2019) - Alan Menkin

The Wedding (2019) - Alan Menkin

Friend Like Me (Finale) (2019) Will Smith - Alan Menkin

Also More



Video Games (mostly most of the time).



Family Movies Musical Movies

Food and Restaurant's of all (almost) cuisines.

List of friends and blokes and mates and sheilas I always trust:

Leah Climas

Beau Wordley

Daniel Hernan

Megan Wilson

Melissa Wilson

Hailey D

Micheal Lee

Rosland Morney

David Owen


Tom Baldwin






Kris O Mara plus Krispy O Mara

Meredith Watkins

Nick Zheng

Ricky Everard

Kate And Keille Reid's

Melissa White

Sarah Cartledge

Lisa Orwin

Neil Soloman

George Patrick Raymond Ronosulistyo

Garindra Notowidigdo

David Kingma

Alex Smith

Alex Butler

Joshua Ismail

Joshua Alec Marsalek

William Joseph

Danielle Nicolet

Casey Keown

Ellie Stanley

Sam King

Casey Scanlon

Marc King

Ben Marinello

Kenny Yukatirat

Nick Kay + Kay9

Chris Parker

Steve Parker

Steven Ross Smith

Chris Moore


Taylor Wilson


Ben Wooley

Matthew Cattell


Ryan Waterstone

Daniel Scammel

Melissa Oram

Melissa Laure

Cameron James Miller


Toni Danielle Mckendry

Stuart Crockman

Daynah Hopkins also Daynah Joshua Hopkins

Luke Nichollas

Lucas Protopapas

Sam Pointon

Madelaine Tsatsaris Beratis also Maddy

Jacob Martens




Dean & Jake Websters

Hayley Derrick

Jake Spaulding

Aaron Tirant

Charlie Kelly

Sarah Kane

Annabel Mournsey

Kath Wilman

Brooke Winnet

Marina Pollock

Pam Leopald

Jason Fitz

Kate Reid


Scoot McGee

David Meredith

Winchell Menedes



Damien Brown

Tammy Humphrey

Kellie Reid


Robert Nuthall

Meredith Watkins

Kris O Mara

Blaine Farmer

Mark Oram







Sophie Baker



Emma Woolley

Sue Williams

Julie Ann Morman




Helen Russo

Cody Roughton-Prestley

Nathan Buckley

Natalie Cruskin

Natalie O Halloran

Eric Luc

Hayley Derrick

Stuart Crockman

Luke N


Diana Puckley

List of friends blokes shelias also mates that I don't trust also wished their were old (old but old not "new") lost and also confused:


Lizzie Morgan (who hasn't met me in the latest Asia Asian Phillippines Australia New Zealand Australia Victoria Bayswater Victoria Australia Overseas times months days and all days months years and also still not thinking for the new latest movie ideas and also not thinking smart and straight)

Graham Le Breton

Shane (Cunt) Cheong : (not thinking smart and straight.)

Lars's Indian Frenemy

Matthew Shaunuda

Brent Nilson

Evelyn Alexander

Troy And Kate Zonnefeld's

Tim Desmond

Beau Wordley

Christine Hamilton

Relatives who I live with:

Kathy Gamboa Dela Rosa

Jaime Dela Rosa

Lola Elvie

Tito Airwin

Lola Mela

Tita Kalut

Tito Tess

Tito Del

Tita Lea

Tito Mike


Tito beng

Brian Dela Rosa

Tita Jerome

Relative who is always around:

Linda Scott

Strengths :

Cold and freezing temperatures

Second thoughts

being on time

see well and camouflage in the dark

and also thinking straight

almost every one of these strengths

Family movies

Family Musical movies

PG,M,MA15+ also R18+ movies



Mild Disability

Mild Autism

List of famous actors and actress's and Heroes and sidekicks and Television Personalities and Heroines And Music Artists and Movie Producers and Movie Directors And Television Actors:

Stan Lee

Zoe Saldana Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario also Zoë Saldaña

Jason Momoa also Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa

Thomas Doherty

Dylan Playfair

Alan Rickman

Steven Blum also Steven Jay Blum


Rebecca Shoichet

Iris Quinn

Madeleine Peters

Brian Drummond

Antonio Banderas

Jenny Slate

Dylan Minnette

Emma Roberts/+Emma Rose Roberts

Chris Evans

Carlos Valdes

Will Poulter

Lee Tockar

Brian Drummond

Nicole Oliver

Kathleen Barr

Michael Dobson

Cathy Weseluck/+Catherine "Cathy" Weseluck

Brian Doe

Kelly Sheridan

Trevor Davill

Pete Docter

Jonas Rivera

Gordon Ramsay

Ryan Carter

Jamie Oliver

John Kassir

Dave Franco

Rogan Freeman

Charlie Day

Elizabeth Banks

Drake Bell

Brad Swaile

Michael Reisz

Dave Wittenberg

Michelle Ruff/+Michelle Suzanne Ruff

Todd Haberkorn/Todd Micheal Haberkorn

Keith Silverstien

Kate Higgins/+Catherine Davis "Kate" Higgins/Kate Davis

R. Martin Kien/+Robert Martian Kien/+Bob Kien/+Bob Marx

Steven Blum

Crispen Freeman

Steve Stanley

Grant Gustin

Taron Egertron

Wentworth Miller also Wentworth Earl Miller III

Shantel VanSanten

Matt Ryan also Matthew Darren Evans

Isla Fisher

Jason Statham

Tara Strong also Tara Lyn Charendoff Strong


Terrence C. Carson

Greg Ellis

Patrick Stewart

Kevin Sorbo

Clancy Brown

Susan Blakeslee

Malcolm McDowell

Liam McIntyre

Dominic Purcell + Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell

Ken Jeong

Tom Cavanagh/Thomas Patrick "Tom" Cavanagh

Mayor Max

Joshua Seth/Joshua Seth Freedman

Tim Curry

Cary Elwes

Anne Hathaway

Sharon Alexander

Peter New

Sean Schemmel

Lauren Faust

Kazumi Evans

Richard Newman

Brenda Crichlow

Chantal Strand

Andy Samberg

Adam Sandler

Richard Ian Cox

Spider-Man and his friends/compainons

Mark Acheson

John de Lancie

Aloma Steele

Rena Anakwe

Jason Sudeikis

Stephen Amell

Andre Braugher

Joe Lo Truglio/Joseph "Joe" Lo Truglio

Shia Labeouf

Jaden Smith

John Barrowman

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Andrew Zimmerman

Ted Allen

Carson Kressley

Kyan Douglas

Thom Fillcia

Jai Rodriguez

Christopher Reeve

Bess Armstrong

Gary Mack

Jake Paque

Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld

Sebastian Arcelus

Denzel Washington/Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr.

Rodger Bumpass

Jack Benny

Stephen Hilenburg

Billy Bob Thompson

Amina Elkatib

Logan Williams

Tony Salerno

Marc Thompson

Eric Stuart

Veronica Taylor

Michael Liscio Jr.

Matthew Charles

Dan Green

Tom Wayland

Jason Griffth

Matt Hoverman

Eli Jay

Eli James

David Wills

Priscilla Everett

Anna Morrow

Laura Bailey

Emily Jenness

Eileen Stevens

Cassandra Morris

Dove Cameron

Cameron Boyce

Booboo Stewart

Sofia Carson

Sam Riegel

Greg Abbey

Ted Lewis

Christopher C. Adams

Darren Dunstan

Katie Cassidy

David Ramsey

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Laure

Kevin Durand

Dakota Goyo

Rob Schneider

Kevin Smith

Kevin James

Justin Timberlake




Timomatic also Timomagic

Scarlett Johanson also Scarlett Ingrid Johansson

Vanilla Ice

Elizabeth Olison

Paul Bettany

James Spader

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Evan Peters/Evan Thomas Peters

Anthony Mackie

Robert Downey Jr

Christopher Kromer

Rebecca Solet/Jessica Paquetta

Ryan Stadler

Brianne Siddal

Michael Lindsay

Tom Fahn/Thomas "Tom" Fahn

Lex Lang

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Mona Marshall

Philece Sampler

Michael Lindsay

Robbie Daymond

Wendee Lee

Johnny Yong Bosch

Doug Erholtz/Douglas J. Erholtz

Laura Summer

Dave Mallow

Bridgette Hoffman

Jason Hood

Lara Jill Miller

Tara Sands

Brian Donavan

Neil Kaplan

Derek Stephen Prince

Mike Reynolds

Jeff Nimoy

David Lodge

Mari Devon

Kirk Thornton

Bob Papenbrock

Paul St Peter

Peggy O Neal

Kate Higgins

Tom Gibbins

Michael Sorich

Beau Billingslea

Bob Glouberman

Mona Marshall

Cristina Vee/Cristina Valenzuela

Tom Wyner

Richard Epcar

Melissa Fahn

Wendee Lee

Rebecca Forstadt

Melodee Spevack/Melodee M. Spevack

Nicholas Roye

Patrick Seitz

Darren Norris

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Laura Bailey

Kyle Herbert

Liam O'Brien

Tara Platt

Quinton Flynn

Brian Peacock

Skip Stellrecht

Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Jesse McCartney

Haley Joel Osment

Luke Manriquez

Elleen Stevens

Ginnifer Goodwin

Jason Bateman

Paul Harropp

Mark Mitchinson

Mark Wright

Peter Cullen/Peter Calvin Cullen

Frank Welker

Michael Keaton

Tina Guo

Ryan Carter

Adam Gardner

Campbell Cooley

Tyler Navro

Brennan Mejia

Chase Randall

James Davis


Yoshi Sudraso

Riley Griffith

Micheal Taber

Shelby Walkins

Camille Hyde

Sir Ivan Of Zander


David Santos

Prince Phillip III

Jarred Blakiston

Kendall Morgan

Claire Blackwelder

James Narrow

Reuben Turner/Dan Musgrove


Alistair Browning


Patty Spivot and her Earth Two counterpart

Dino Charge Talon Ranger ???

Dinosaur Super Charge Rangers

Lisa Ortiz

John Dimaggio

Mark Ryan

Leonard Nimoy

Tom Hardy

Mike Drew

Stephen Butterworth

Andrew Laing

John Leigh

Rebecca Parr

Robert Foxworth

Jess Harrell

Sentinel Prime

Syrus Truesdale

Wayne Grayson

Scottie Ray

Andrew Rannells

Zane Truesdale

Pete Ploszek


Alan Ritchson


Noel Fisher/Noel Roeim Fisher


Jeremy Howard


Tony Shalhoub/Anthony Marcus "Tony" Shalhoub

Peter D. Badalamenti

Master Splinter

Gary Anthony Williams


Sheamus/Stephen Farrelly


Brad Garrett/Brad H. Gerstenfeld


The Shredder/Oroku Saki

Brian Tee

Tyler Perry

Laura Linney

Baily Madison

Ariel Winters

Robert Pattison

Kristen Stewart

Taylor Launter

Dr Harrison Wells

Dane Cook

Jennifer Lawrence

James Corden

Diana Kaarina

Shylo Sharity

Marÿke Hendrikse

Madeline Merlo

Tom Kenny

Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Anston

Britt McKillip

James Kirk

Steve Buscemi/Steven Vincent "Steve" Buscemi

Bonnie Hunt

Jeremy Renner

Tom Hiddleston

Callie Briggs

Jonah Hill/Jonah Hill Feldstein

Nick Kroll

Matthew McConaughey/Matthew David McConaughey

Vincent Tong

Miles Teller/Miles Alexander Teller

RL Stine

Troy Baker

Craig Robinson/Craig Phillip Robinson

Clark Spencer

Phil Lord

Christopher Miller

Dan Lin

Roy Lee

Dragon Lord Torch and his land of dragons.

Dragon Lord Ember

Anna Kendrick

Jack McBrayer

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robin Williams

Jenna Coleman

John Ratzenberger

Ellen DeGeneres/Ellen Lee DeGeneres

Jack Black

Dave Franco

David Tennant

Matt Smith

Dr Harrison Wells

Sienna Bohn

Sharon Alexander

Britt Irvin

Kelly Sheridan

Shannon Chan-Kent

Stephen Amell

Katie Cassidy

David Ramsey

Background Ponies And Humans and Griffons and birds

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

James Marsden

Woody Harrelson

Nate Torrence

Robert Pattinson

Tim Curry

Melissa McCarthy/Melissa Ann McCarthy

Kristen Wiig/Kristen Carroll Wiig

Kate McKinnon/Kathryn McKinnon Berthold

Fred Tatiscore

Mike Myers

Owen Wilson

Dakota Goyo

Kazumi Evans

Ben Stiller

Samuel L Jackson

Ben Affleck

Sylvester Stallone

Jet Li

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Andrew Francis

Tabitha St. Germain/Paulina Gillis Germain/Tabitha/Kitanou St. Germain

Micheal Caine

Jared Leto

Dustin Hoffman

Robert De niro

Joan Cusack

John C Reilly

Jane Lynch

Sarah Silverman

Tobin Bell

Tobey Maguire/Tobias Vincent "Tobey" Maguire

Tom Cruise

Simon Pegg

Tom Hiddelston

Nick Frost

Mark Ryan

Frank Welker

Jack Reynor

Michael Bay

T. J. Miller

Michelle Gomez

Chris Pratt

Charlie Day

Bradley Cooper

Evan Peters

Nicolas Briggs


Nicolas Cage

Dennis O Hare

Jennifer Lawrence

Russell Crowe

Helena Botham Carter

The Madagascar Group

Megamind Minion Metroman and Their companions

Anne Hathaway

Zac Efron

Megan Fox

Brendan Fraiser

Steven Moffat

Dame Penelope Wilson



Luke Skywalker

Brad Pitt

Suicide Squad

Angelina Jolie

Byron Howard

Rich Moore

Steve Carell/Steven John "Steve" Carell

Jason Bateman

Jason Sudekis


Master Tigress

Jaime Oliver

Will Arnett

John Barrowman

Skylar Astin/Skylar Astin Lipstein

Tara Strong

Master Shifu

The Cutie Marked Crusaders


Sweetie Belle


Babs Seed

Jack Mcbrayer

The Furious Six

Master's Monkey, Mantis, Viper, Crane and Tigress.

Barry Allen and The Flash and his companions

Oliver Queen and Green Arrow and his companions

Ginnifer Goodwin

Judy Hopps & Nicholas P. Wilde

The Descendants

The Ghostbusters (2016 version)

Yuna & Stitch

Will Smith/Willard Carroll "Will" Smith Jr.

John Cleese

Will Ferrell

Mark Walburg

David Godfrey

Colleen Winton

Andrew Francis

Tana Ramsay

Billy Bob Thompson

Amy Poehler

Chris Pine

John Cleese

Mark Hamill

Ashleigh Ball also Ashleigh Adele Ball

Andrea Libman also Andrea Eva Libman

The Avengers

Bill Hader

Bill Newton

Chris Britton also Christopher Britton

Michael Lockwood Crouch

Andy Toth

Charles Zuckerman

Kira Tozer

Matt Cowlrick

Mariee Devereux

Murry Peeters

Giles Panton

Ellen-Ray Hennessy

Dwayne Johnson

Kevin Hart

Jason Statham

Emma Watson/Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Emma Stone/Emily Jean "Emma" Stone

Ishi Rudell

Jayson Thiessen

Devon Cody

Stephen Davis

Kirsten Newlands

Sarah Wall

Kevin Micheal Richardson

Khary Payton

Greg Cipes

Hynden Walch

Rob Paulson

Scott Menville

Jeff Bennett/Jeffrey Glen "Jeff" Bennett

Cree Summer

Art LaFleur

Kristen Bell

John Harrison

Idris Elba

Catherine O'Hara,

Peter MacNicol,

Joseph Maher

Finn Wittrock

Kathy Bates/Kathleen Doyle "Kathy" Bates

Matt Bomer

Angela Bassett/Angela Evelyn Bassett

Chloë Sevigny

Cheyenne Jackson

Max Greenfield

Denis O'Hare

Wes Bentley

Pyrrha Alexander

Patrokolos Alexander









Edge Master





Alpha Patrokolos

Pyrrha Omega

Ling Xiayou


Seong -Mina



Ivy Valentine

The Skullgirls

Moral Kombat Fighters



Sora Takenouchi

Zac Efron

Josh Brolin/Josh James Brolin

Josh Keaton

Christopher Daniel Barnes

Dan Gilvezan

Maurice LaMarche

Phil LaMarr

Jason Marsden

Mark Dacascos

Debbe Dunning

Marjean Holden

David Cross

Tom McGrath

Chris Miller

Christopher Knights

John Malkovich

Danny Jacobs

Conrad Vernon

James Hong

Danny McBride

Dennis Haysbert

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Victor Garber

Michelle Yeoh

Michael Shannon

Jake Gyllenhaal

Amy Adams

Adam Driver

John Boyega


Oscar Issac

Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia Organa

Harrison Ford

Han Solo

Dean Young

Christopher Nolan

Hank Azaria

Dan Castellaneta

Nancy Cartwright


Yeardley Smith



Julie Kavner


Tony Todd



Paul Rudd

Bob Hoskins

Christopher Lloyd/Christopher Allen Lloyd

Paul Eiding

Adam Wylie

Lee Majors

Barry Corbin

Mark Ruffalo

Bill Murray

Mia Wasikowska

Ben Kingsley

Rebel Wilson

Justin Chon

Melissa McCarthy

Helen Hunt

Daniel Radcliffe/Daniel Jacob Radcliffe

Amanda Bynes

China Anne McLain

Seth MacFarlane/ Seth Woodbury MacFarlane

Robert England

Delta Goodrem

Corey Burton

Jeff Szusterman

Cameron Rhodes

Derek Judge

Lady Gaga


Elijah Wood

Joel McHale

Jessica Alba

Leslie Mann

Ricky Gervais

Danny DeVito

Tommy Lee Jones

Salma Hayek

Oscar Isaac

Ben Hardy

P. J. Byrne

Ed Helms

Timothy Dalton

Zach Galifianakis

Dylan McDermott

Bradley Pirece

Luke Manriquez

Dylan Minnette

Connor Price

Rick Medina/Ricardo Medina Jr.

Charlie McDermott

Joel Tobeck

Chris Aur

Ellen Kennedy

Megan McCarthy

Masumi Asano

Ali Milner

Dragon Lord Torch

Princess Ember/Dragon Lord Ember

George Lopez

Whoopi Goldberg/Caryn Elaine Johnson

Bill Farmer

Jim Parsons/James Joseph "Jims" Parsons

Clarence Nash

Tony Anselmo

Ray Romano

Matthew McConaughey

Denis Leary

Nick Offerman

Tori Kelly

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Lopez

John Leguizamo/John Alberto Leguizamo

Michael Jordan

Matt Damon

Michae Jackson

James McAvoy

Reno Wilson

Greg Berg

Charlie Adler

Dave Fennoy/David Henderson "Dave" Fennoy

Nolan North

Francesco Quinn

Dave Wittenberg

Fred Tatasciore

Bryan Cranston

Pax Jolie-Pitt

Knox Jolie-Pitt

Zahara Jolie-Pitt

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Kate Hudson

Erica Schroeder/Bella Hudson/Berra Hudson

Caren Lyn Tackett

Jamie Alcroft

Travis Willingham

Dave Boat

Rick D. Wasserman

Ty Burrell/Tyler Gerald "Ty" Burrell

Julianne Moore

Tommy Chong

Rowan Atkinson

John Travolta

Al Pacino

Lena Hall

Don Lake

Maurice LaMarche

Phil Johnson

Gideon Gray

Candi Milo

Billy West

Joe Alaskey

Dee Bradley Baker

Bootsy Collins

Serena Williams

Florence Henderson

David Faustino

Michael Clarke Duncan

Bootsy Collins

Serena Williams

Bio-Tech Parasite

Florence Henderson

David Faustino

Kaley Cuoco

Vivica A. Fox

Joe Alaskey

Lindsay Lohan

'Big' Jim Miller/Jim Miller/Big Jim

Jayson Thiessen

Mick Rory/Heatwave/Chronos

Octavia Spencer

Brandon Routh

Franz Drameh

Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm

Martin Stein/Firestorm

Nick Zano

Nathan Heywood

Amy Pemberton


Keiynan Lonsdale

Wally West

Malcolm Merlyn/Ra's Al Ghul

Falk Hentschel

Khufu/Joe Boardman/Carter Hall/Hawkman

Ciara Renée

Ingrid Nilson

Maud Pie/Maud Rock Pie

The Rock Pie Family

Rob Liefeld

Chay-Ara/Edith Boardman/Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl

Rip Hunter

Maisie Richardson-Sellers

Amaya Jiwe/Vixen

Caity Lotz

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Sara Lance/White Canary

Casper Crump

Paul Blackthorne

Quentin Lance/Dective

Colonel Rick Flag

Jai Courtney

George "Digger" Harkness/Captain Boomerang

Kevin Conroy

Kari Wahlgren

Robin Atkin Downes

Jason Bourne

Steve Trevor

Adam Beach

Christopher Weiss/Slipknot

Karen Fukuhara

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana

Ike Barinholtz

Scott Eastwood

GQ Edwards


Cara Delevingne

Dr. June Moone/Enchantress

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Waylon Jones/Killer Croc

Jay Hernandez

Chato Santana/El Diablo

Amanda Waller

Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn

Floyd Lawton/Deadshot

Doctor Strange


The Smosh Men and crew

The Incredibles

Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom and his human and ghost companions

Jared Bush

Andrew Kishino

Daniel Craig/Daniel Wroughton Craig

007/James Bond

Ebeneezer Scrooge/Snowball Frost

Ghosts Of Christmas Past, Present And Future/Spirits of Hearth's Warming Past Present's And Yet To Come

Enid-Raye Adams

Josh Dallas

Finn Wittrock/Finn "Peter" Wittrock Jr.

Erin Mathews

Jim Byrnes

John Hurt

Sandra Bullock

Jason Segel/Jason Jordan Segel

Rhona Rees

Emmett Hall

Cheyler Leigh

David Harewood

Rich Ceraulo

Justice Leak

Peter Facinelli

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Peter Mackenzie

Mark Rylance

Penelope Wilton

Laura Benanti

Chris Vance

Eric Stienberg

Malina Weissman

Jeremy Jordan

Frankie Kane/Magenta

Matt Cowlick

John Cho

Kate Bristol

Daniel J. Edwards

Kal Penn

Adam Campbell/Adam Jones

Tom Kane/Thomas Kane Roberts,

Paul Giamatti/Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti

Fauna A. Chambers/Faune Alecia Chambers

Jayma Mays/Jamia Suzette "Jayma" Mays

Jimmy Kimmel/James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel

Lisa Kudrow/Lisa Valerie Kudrow

Matt Hill

Kath Soucie

Della Saba

Paul Reubens also Paul Rubenfeld

Keegan-Michael Key

Uzo Aduba also Uzoamaka Nwanneka "Uzo" Aduba

Michael Peña also Michael Anthony Peña

Jordan Peele also Jordan Haworth Peele

Anton Starkman

Emmett Skilton

Andrew Grainger

Michael Saccente

Jacque Drew

Stephen Kramer Glickman

Chiara Zanni

Samuel Vincent

Trey Parker

Jason Lee

Tohoru Masamune

Alexander Gould/Alexander Jerome Gould

Willem Dafoe/William J. "Willem" Dafoe

Allison Janney/Allison Brooks Janney

Austin Pendleton also Austin Campbell Pendleton

Stephen Root also Stephen Edward Root

Geoffrey Bush also Geoffrey Roy Bush

Bill Fagerbakke

Mr Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence also Carolyn Jean Lawrence

Vicki Lewis

Tina Fey

Elizabeth Perkins also Elizabeth Ann Perkins

Trevor Devall

Terry Klassen

Craig Ferguson also Craig Ferguson

Andrew Stanton

Bill Hunter

Jan Rabson

Rebecca Husain

Barry Humphries/John Barry Humphries

Erica Bana also Eric Banadinović

Bruce Spence

Erik Per Sullivan

Carlos Alazraqui also Carlos Jaime Alazraqui

Erica Beck

Jordy Ranft

Bill Hunter also William John "Bill" Hunter

Nicolas Bird

Bill Baretta

David Rudman

LuLu Ebeling

Phillip Proctor

Jim Ward also James Kevin "Jim" Ward

Rodger Craig Smith

James Franco also James Edward Franco

Maisie Richardson-Seller

Allison Janney/Allison Brooks Janney

Joe Dinicol

Rory Regan also Ragman

Matt Vogel also Matthew J. "Matt" Vogel II

Steve Whitmire also Steven Lawrence "Steve" Whitmire

Octavia Spencer also Octavia Lenora Spencer

Emily Blunt also Emily Olivia Leah Blunt

Sia Furler also Sia Kate Isobelle Furler

Liev Schreiber also Isaac Liev Schreiber

Taye Diggs also Scott Leo "Taye" Diggs

Eric Jacobson

Dave Golez/David Charles "Dave" Goelz

Peter Linz

Kristen Chenoweth/Kristin Dawn Chenoweth

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Dimon Hounsou also Djimon Gaston Hounsou

Kit Harington also Christopher Catesby "Kit" Harington

Gerald Butler/Gerard James Butler

America Ferrera/America Georgine Ferrera

Cate Blanchett/Catherine Elise "Cate" Blanchett

Lance Henrickson/Lance James Henrickson

Teddy Sears

John Wesley Shipp

Josh Haber

Michael Vogel

David Kaye

Stanley Tucci

Nicola Peltz/Nicola Anne Peltz

T.J. Miller/Todd Joseph "T.J." Miller

Katey Sagal

Kyle Rideout

Ewan McGregor/Ewan Gordon McGregor

Jake Cherry

Naomi Scott

Dacre Montgomery

Ludi Lin

Becky G

RJ Cyler

David Denman

Sarah Gray

Margot Kidder

Anjali Jay

Patrick Sabongui

Lisa Berry

Emily Maddison

Kayden Magnuson

Zachary Quinto/Zachary John Quinto

Jessica Lange/Jessica Phyllis Lange

John Ratzenberger/John Dezso Ratzenberger

James Coburn

Mary Gibbs

Harry Shearer

Dan Gerson

Bob Peterson

Phillip Proctor

Jeff Pidgeon/Jeffery Pidgeon

Larry The Cable Guy

Frank Oz

Steve Susskind

Joe Ranft/Joseph Henry "Joe" Ranft

Estevez Gillespie

Rodger L. Jackson

Kesley Grammer/Allen Kelsey Grammer

Dave Foley

Andrew Garfield

Keanu Reeves

Evangeline Lilly

Michael Peña/Michael Anthony Peña

Elle Fanning

John Cena


Triple H


Mr Mcmahon/Mister Mcmahon

Catherine Hardwicke

Melissa Rosenberg

Bill Condon

Stephine Mayor


Morena Baccarin

Gideon (The Waverider)

Amy Pemberton

Neil Fanning

Matthew Lillard/Matthew Lyn Lillard

T.I./Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

David Dastmalchian

Danny Trejo

Dakota Johnson

Titus Welliver

Isabella Moner

Liam Garrigan

Jacob Hoppenbrouwer

Ben Browder

Ted Gaynor

Levi Meaden

Rex Tyler/Hourman


Kwesi Ameyaw

Brent Stait

James Rha

Flim And Flam

Alien and also Xenomorph




Kotal Kahn


Jason Beaudoin

Cameron Bancroft

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Puss In Boots (2011 Dreamworks Animation Movie) Shrek Forever After Cinderella (2015 Movie) Zootopia Beauty And The Beast (2017 Movie) Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (2018 Movie) Dumbo (2019 Movie) Aladdin (2019 Movie Rise Of The Guardians (2017) My Little Pony The Movie
Favourite Books
Goosebumps Disney Manga
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts 3 Soulcalibur VI
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 4
Other Interests
Going Overseas

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