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Transformers ReGeneration One #86 cover

The cover to the first issue of the new story arc, featuring Scorponok and the Dinobots. They are part of Scorponok's plans and, needless to say, Grimlock has some tough times ahead...

This issue came out about 4 weeks ago, the next (#87) is out tomorrow and I'll be uploading the cover to that soon!

About TF RG1 -
Transformers ReGeneration One (formally know an as TF81) comic series, is THE brand new, direct continuation on the old 80 issue Marvel run (from 1984-1991). TFRG1 is written by Simon Furman ([link]) and drawn by Andrew Wildman ([link]) with Inks by Stephen Baskerville, interior colours by JP Bove and cover colours by me.

Transformers © Hasbro
Line Art by Andrew Wildman, colours by Jason Cardy © IDW 2012
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Oooooh YES! Badass Dinobots battle!!! 
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Awesome artwork with superb colour work. I will be adding this to my favourites. :-)
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Thank you, sir! :)
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Scorponok and the Dinobots (minus Grimlock) working together means the Cybetronian wars are never over. ;)
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I don't they ever will be... apart for 20 seconds at the end of the animated movie!
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Dinobots! SWOOPY~! :happybounce:
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There he is!! XD
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Oooh piccychurs goin' ups... duz this mean we can expect to see ms fae soon? :D
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