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Transformers ReGeneration One 80.5 cover

Transformers ReGeneration One #80.5 cover

The first official artwork for Transformers ReGeneration One (formally know an as TF81), THE direct continuation on the old 80 issue Marvel run (from 1984-1991). TFRG1 is written by Simon Furman ([link]) and is due for launch mid-2012.

This is a stop-gap issue (hence 80.5) leading up to issue 81, the proper start of the series, and will be IDW's contribution to "Free Comic Book Day" (May 5th).

TFRG1 covers are drawn by Andrew Wildman ([link]) and coloured by me. I don't often post anything on DA that I don't draw myself these days, but this piece is quite significant- I used to read these comics as a kid (sorry to make you feel old, WildFur!) and it was an honour and privilege to be asked to colour this cover! :)

Old-school TF fans wanted a continuation of the old Marvel comic and IDW has obliged. I hope those who remember the old stories can't wait to see how they finally end! :D

Thanks for looking! ;)

Transformers © Hasbro
Art by Andrew Wildman & Jason Cardy © IDW 2011
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This is very epic and badass!
Phenometron's avatar
Clever cover art of Optimus.
Possibly one of my all time favorite drawings of Optimus Prime...
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Thanks! Proud to have coloured it! :D
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The U.K. continuity were always the best, at least in terms of gritty, brutal and realistic stuff. Thank you for continuing this Hasbro man, and thanks for sharing this wonderful cover art Jason! I love James Roberts' writings... I wish he would come onboard this project too :( Eugenesis is so good! :D The character depth... everything, it's just so much epic and mature and satisfying! :)

Jason, have you by any chance read James Roberts' Eugenesis? And what about The Last Stand of the Wreckers?
JasonCardy's avatar
Yes, I read the Wreckers, great stuff. James is a top bloke too.

Hope you're enjoying the rest of RG1. Thanks for the comment, Luka! :)
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a lot of screaming faces... XD
JasonCardy's avatar
Yeah, lot of unhappy bots on this cover! >.<
victortky's avatar
especially thunderwing, and megs/ratchet.
FireGoddess1997's avatar
Really nice, if a little grotesque, art. If you don't mind me asking, what's the comic about? :?
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It's a continuation of the Marvel comics from the 80's and early 90's. This, for many, is the continuation of the definitive TF story. It pulls no punches!
SuperR-Illustrations's avatar
Hey look! Siamese robots!
JasonCardy's avatar
Yeah, they ain't happy!
MidNightMagnificent's avatar
Hell yes. I got this one as part of my FCBD stash/loot. :love:
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Great looking colours Jase!
JasonCardy's avatar
leebradley's avatar
Nice, Good job Jase. :)
JasonCardy's avatar
Cheers, Lee! :)
(I'm catching up on 2 years of old messages!) :o
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