A passing. James, Creator of Skunkworks has died.

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I briefly put up a journal the other day, but took it down until I got confirmation.  It seems that Jim,
creator of Skunkworks:www.furaffinity.net/user/skunk…  has passed.  In the past few
months I've been Silent on the kickstarter front because of this.  He and his mother had requested
that I keep things hush hush. as his health started to get worse... Their was hope he'd get better,
but as time went on it just  wasn't getting good for him. 

While I never knew him in person, I was always a fan, and talked to him for many years on the
internet, and I was very excited when he wanted to Join Angry Viking Press in 2010.
We had many plans for Skunkedworks, Caterwaul Inc. and Penance, as comic series,
and even animated short ideas up until the past few weeks.   

The kicstarter wasn't just to help promote Angry Viking Press, in big part it was to help
Jim get his work out to a much larger audience, and if things went well help with and future
assistance he may have needed.  At the time when I started the kickstarter he was not
in best form in his words, but he was still doing good enough, and if you followed him here
and on Inkbunny you saw his regular posts of art and journals. From what hes told me, and
eventually from his mother, he kept trying to get as much art out as he could.  He was
fighting what his body was doing to him to help the fans.  

As he got worse he told me not to tell you, his fans about his situation until after he passed. 
In part as he didn't want people to worry, or to harass me for information, and from what I
hear from other sources... In part that some people where just being terrible people, saying
that he was faking and other not nice things.   His friends and family didn't need 2nd and 3rd
hand vitriol coming from the net so I kept my word and said nothing until I knew for sure.

It caused me a big of a depression all last month to keep that secret, as my aunt is too going
through the same situation, and reminded me of my health issues that I got from the chemicals
at my current job over the past 3 years...  As a person who loves to help as many people as
I can, It hurts when you can't do anything.   

For those of you who helped support us and Jim in the kickstarter, we will be working at
refunding you for the Commissions.  For those of you who wanted his books and bed sheets
James had told me a few of his friends where inking his missing pages in the book, and the
Skunkworks girls bed pillows.   They will be made available to all the kickstarter backers that
ordered them, and then in limited amounts after his passing, as per his request.

I will give more information as I know it, but as of now this is all that I know.

I want to thank those of you who supported James, with the kickstarter and just him in general over the years.   

Thank you Jim for bringing 3 crazy girls and their overworked mom to life with your pen and paper.

- Jason.
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Holy shit, I'm familiar with this guy's work...Sad to find out about this now...
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At least he got to give us his coda, his final words.
Not everyone gets the chance.
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I am still saddened by Jim's death. He influenced the fandom in ways no one else will ever come close to doing.

Do you have any idea when the Collected Skunkworks book will be published?

And just out of curiosity - what kind of things did Jim have planned for the world he created? What were the cartoon ideas you had? I know he kept most of his concepts and ideas a closely guarded secret until he was ready to release them in an official form, but I just want to ask anyway.

Thanks mate!
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I'm very sorry for your loss.
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I miss him. :( I met him once at a Furcom convention years back. I bought a lot of his stuff at his table. I enjoyed the talks with him on Yahoo about the world that his characters live in. I think we sometimes fed each others imagination. The talks were fun. :) I'll miss them.
-Edward Fox
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Dang man. This artist will be missed. I pray for his family.
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First Rusty Haller and now Jim Hardiman... this is so horrible. They were so nice people...!
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I am truly sorry for his passing. I've spoken with him on several occasions, and he has given me such great advice on how to improve my art. He was a great guy, and I just wanted to thank him for his work he produced for us.
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Jim told me he was going to make sure I got a copy of the revamped Skunkworks book. Now it seems it probably won't get done. He mentioned something about missing pages that he had to redraw. It really sucks hes gone and I had no idea how bad he was. I wish I could go to the funeral to say bye to him. That man was awesomely talented.
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I heard about it yesterday, it's such a sad thing :/
A major bummer this has happened. Let us remember him for the great person that he surely was. I did not know him personally, but I can tell he was a jewel. Lets keep it shining. :rose:
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:( So sad this happened...I never even heard of him before, and that's what makes this even sadder.
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Yeah he was a very Very cool guy and made everyone feel special.
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What'll happen to Skunkworks?
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We'll still try to publish the collection as he wanted, the rest of his books (Penance and Caterwaul) will not get published due to he was the artist and writer of those. :/
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
I see, so the characters won't be used in the future?
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Not officially by anyone (fan art is fan art).  Its in his will that everything be ether sold or trashed and his mother keeps the copyrights.
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Ah, I see. Just curious, what's his mother plan on doing with them?
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Probably nothing save keeping other people from using them commercially.
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always sad to hear of the passing of a fellow artist, RIP.
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That's terrible. Such great talent as I liked his art work along with his busty Oc's.
However I was not happy when he did that sicking "The End" comic as I can't believe someone would kill off there own Oc's in the most gruesome way EVER! Then saying "Oh I was kidding! I wasn't going to kill my own Oc's just a joke!"
Don't get my wrong he was skilled talented artist but had a lot of problems and people should NOT kill there own Oc's for a joke. Still sad to see a talented person like that die. I own some "Hit The Beach" magazines that have his art work in it. 
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Well it was more of a End to the old style of the characters, as their old style was meant for porn only, while he was hoping to work with me and my company Angry viking press, and have them appear in Caterwaul Ink as just Models and not porn characters if he got healthy.  So it was "The end" of all the porn days. 

That and Jim always had a think for morbid cartoony gore if you look at all his comics.

Its a shame we had cartoon ideas too. :<
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