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Black Iris Concept 1
The top view concept for the Black Iris, the main flagship for Arahi resistance forces in their campaign against the Anti-Magic Faction. I took inspiration from various amphibious and submersible units including the I-401 from Arpeggio of Blue Steel, the Red October, and the Tuatha de Dannan from Full Metal Panic.

Length: 328 m
Beam: 152 m
Height: 88 m
Displacement: 52,400 t
Propulsion: 5 x Gravity Drives, 1 x MHD Drive
Top Speed: ~50 knots (surfaced), ~80 knots (submerged)
Complement: 4,800 min, 8,000 max
Vehicles carried: 150 (ground vehicles and aircraft included, maximum)

The project goes back to when Arahi was still a wretched hive with a corrupt government. The project was monitored in secret by General Ishida, the top commander of the Arahi military, using technology from the legendary Typhoon-class submarine and constructing it in an abandoned shipyard. The original purpose was to serve as a mobile command base and emergency transport for personnel in case Arahi fell to total anarchy. During the civil conflict that later transformed it into the stated magical girl haven, some of the magical girls were recruited into the military for the sake of this project. Thanks to their abilities, they manage to not only accelerate its construction but also modify it to exceed all original expectations. After the AMF and its associates invaded the island, the Arahi military personnel evacuated in this vehicle undetected, using it as a mobile base in their campaign to reclaim their home island.

The Black Iris operates with a combination of both magic and normal-based technologies. Most of the hull is composed of a strong Magnesium alloy and enveloping nanotubes, making it nearly half as heavy as ships its own size while retaining high durability and stealth. The main engine is a large Mana Core, made from modifying its original spherical fusion reactor. This endless stream of power allows it to stay operational indefinitely as long as it constantly receives other supplies elsewhere. Regarding propulsion, it has a perfected MHD Drive (magnetohydrodynamic) for traveling underwater without detection. However, recent modifications also gave it five Gravity Drives (four at the bottom and one below the MHD Drive), magic-based propulsion systems that allow it to travel above water and remain airborne. When underwater, it seals up the rear section to the rear deck and its two Deck Cannons from water.

Besides its large arsenal, it also carries a significant complement of personnel, vehicles, and aircraft. Some can launch from its missile and torpedo tubes but are mainly launched from either its rear deck or the Force Catapult in the front.


* 12 Torpedo Tubes
** 4 x Front
** 6 x Side
** 2 x Rear

* 14 x Large Missle Tubes

* 64 x Small Missile Tubes

* 2 x Deck Cannon

Triple-barrelled turrets, one above and one below the rear deck, that fire either normal-based rounds or magic-based energy beams. These are concealed along with the rear deck when underwater.

* 24 x Bullet Globe
Crystal-clear half-globes that are magic-powered Close-In Weapons Systems. Each fires energy bullets at incoming targets or can overcharge to fire homing beams.

Hyper Purification Weapon
Also called the "Purifier," it is the most powerful weapon on the machine. The Purifier is a number of circular plates engraved with Maxine's runes stored on the front of the machine. To fire the weapon, the ship must reveal it from the nose. The smaller plates would arrange themselves around the large plate (about the diameter of the sub's nose) and charge for a long period of time before firing. Also, to avoid damage from the recoil and flash of the blast, it is required to have the Gravity Drives push the sub forward, tint the windows, and give crew members goggles or glasses fit for a solar eclipse.
Fortunately, this is done with the Purification Weapon at full power with maximum damage intended. The engraved runes were programmed to lower the power output and damage if needed, as well as hitting only magic-based targets rather than including normal ones.


* Cloaking Field
When stealth is necessary, the Cloaking Field can shield the machine from most sensors and human eyes. The only sensors capable of finding the Black Iris when cloaked are sensors that detect magical energy residue.

* Mana Shield
A magic-based energy shield that envelops around the Black Iris when activated, preventing unwanted entities from passing through, whether they are entering or exiting the sub. The shield is vulnerable to EMPs and will deactivate after absorbing too much fire.

* Assembly Matrix
The warship's personal machine shop, stored within the hangar storage. Products include lost parts, equipment, ammunition, and new vehicles.

* Force Catapult
Hiding behind the engraved plates of the Purification Weapon. The large engraved plate can open itself into quarters and activate the Force Catapult to launch its complements. This is also the main intake of ground units at a port or coastline.
While I work on my new hobbies, who'd like me to share ULJA Part IV for free?

I'm thinking of doing that, but under the condition that it's in a secure place such as or a word document. That way, I can make the story more open to people and moderate whatever comments people post.

What do people think of this idea? Would like to hear your comments.

Knights of the Ruby Flame 

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CloneWarrior85 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You gotta see this. This is oh so cute! Look at all the tiny little Mami's!…
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018
By any chance are you familiar with Full Metal Panic, specifically the Second Raid season of the anime?
Jason-Jamey Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018
Of course. I watched that entire season already.
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018
Ah ok then, I am planning for the world of Full Metal Panic to be one of the worlds a Keyblade wielding Lelouch will visit, called by Tessa to deal with the Heartless (the two met when Lelouch rescued her and a bunch of captive young girls from Captain Hook who was searching for a Princess of Heart). 

Another reason that Lelouch goes to the planet is when he traces the villains conducting an exchange of weapons and technology (specifically the Lambda Drive), which is going to the PACT fleet under the command of the Alpha Prototype and Ieyasu Partas to increase their combat effectiveness.  

I am considering Lelouch might obtain a mecha with such a drive for battles later in the story, but my question is the likelihood of Lelouch bribing one of the Xia twins into helping him kill Leonard Testarosa (who was involved in the death of Yu Lan) to gain a chance for vengeance and Lelouch might even sweeten the deal by offering information on the identities and locations of Amalgam's leaders. 

I highly doubt Lelouch would win them over as allies (but if Lelouch does set them on Amalgam's leaders, which could lead to an amusing scene of Tessa questioning him if he had a hand in it as certain reports begin to pour in), although I did contemplate one of them for the running for Lelouch's love interest to compete against Tessa and a very long list of others. 
Jason-Jamey Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018
I see. And yeah, the Chinese twins are loyal to Gauron and his wishes, so they won't be too useful for him.

Speaking of the Second Raid, I have a feeling that based Gray Biaggi in Kings of Revolution not just on Ali Al-Saachez, but Mr. Gates as well.

Also, how much do you know Full Metal Panic? Have you read the whole novels? Maybe you can help me with Angelic Resonance regarding connections between FMP and Nanoha.
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CloneWarrior85 Featured By Owner May 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, check these out. More cute and silly Puella Magi things for you.
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner May 21, 2018
How well do you know the Magecraft of the Fate/Stay Night universe?
Jason-Jamey Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
Not that much, unfortunately. Why?
Sephiroth12285 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018
I was working on a Fate Crossover with Code Geass and I was thinking about what kind of Magecraft that would suit him.
Jason-Jamey Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018
To be honest, I'm not exactly sure since I don't know the various styles. What styles were you thinking of giving him? I can do some research and help you decide.
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