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Oryx And Crake- Snowman

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"Snowman wakes before dawn"

One of a set of illustrations to Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel Oryx & Crake, taken on as a personal project.

These were done a couple of years ago, but I'm uploading them here in order to make prints available to anyone who's interested.
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Wow this is amazing! Really helps me visualize an older, decrepit Jimmy that I had trouble doing before
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Finally some art for this book, and it's fantastic! Keep at it and thank you!
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have you ever read M.Atwood's book "The Year of the Flood"? if so,  do you know what 'top to toe" might mean? this word was mentioned in the book, however i do not know it's meaning.however,it's certain that it is a noun. but i have no idea how such cloth might look.
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Just got done reading this book. Beautiful rendition of Snowman and his world.
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I'm completely confused as to why I haven't favorited your Oryx and Crake series, because I know for a fact I've sat here and admired them so many times! I just love them. They're the best artwork out there for my favorite book. :love:
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 This is my number one favorite book and I think this picture really shows atmosphere of the book. Amazing <3
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I love this, what a beautiful piece that really captures Snowman. Have you thought about doing the Crakers and Crake?
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This is amazing... The feeling of decay is almost palpable... And the image is very real...
Perfectly renders the atmosphere of the book too.
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Yes I've always thought so too. It was very rude of me too link to it years ago without even bothering to come and say thanks to the artist or ask permission. There should be more art from these Atwood novels as they're full of striking and novel images.
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A beautiful piece
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Your amazing work is featured here: [link] :love:
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One of my favorite books, and this is perfect! :clap:
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GAH. I have to draw a scene for the novel for my writer's craft class, and I was drawing this scene; this just made me feel so inferior! Haha...maybe I shouldn't have gone looking for pictures...^^;
Great job, though! This looks amazing! :D
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Really nice to go along with a great book. Thanks for sharing.
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So definitive, so well put.
I just love it, I'd love to see you try your hand on an Oryx and Crake Cover.
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I adore your Oryx and Crake series. This one is particularly stunning.
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Love it - very evocative!
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Beautiful depiction of Snowman!! FAV~
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i loved that book, and i love your visual interpretation of it! well done!
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Absolutely great depiction of the characters. I'm really fond of your Crake piece on perdador.
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