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May 24, 2021
Mavka ( Ukrainian mermaid ) by jasminira
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Suggested by mumu0909
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Mavka ( Ukrainian mermaid )


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Mavkas look like young girls and children with loose green hair and pale skin. They go naked, sometimes dressed in torn long shirts. Mavka do not leave shadows or reflections in the water. Their back is transparent, and their internal organs are visible, including the unbeatable heart. It is believed that as a Mavka see a man, begins to lure him and drags him into the water. Unlike all other types of mermaids, Mavka carry out evil without purpose. At the sight of a man, Mavka falls into a kind of trance, she thinks that this is her lover, because of whom she once committed suicide, and therefore pounces on him, hugs and drags him under the water. Only under water does the Mavka find out that this is not her beloved and lets him go, but by that time the man is already dead.

Made for the March creature of the night contest…  by MallardTaipan  :iconaryaveandyou:  March creature of the night contest.This is the creature of the night contest which will end March 1st, 2021. No nude or graphic art please, I want to see art work NOT blood, bush, and brains. NO slits NO pits. This is avant garde, not grind house. Shoot for a PG-14-17 NOT R/XXX because we have teens in the group. Show us something that is intriguing, not gruesome.Please place all submission in the folder below: {Since RSandrineD and I are founder and co-founder we can not win, our art may be there for effect only}. All submissions MUST HAVE one of the following themes to be qualified:A word/theme that gives you fear OR horror OR terrorCthulhu creaturesDemonsDetectivesDevilsFae creatures from Grimm's fairy talesFallen angelsFrankenstein creaturesFreaksHuntersMonstersSlayersVampiresWarlocks/Witches/WizardsWere-creatures like werespiders and werewolvesZombies1st place winner receives 500 points, 2nd place winner receives 300 points, and 3rd place winner receives 200 points.Thank you for your time,Mallard J. Taipan

Stock used 

a walk in the woods part 1 
by vampurity-stock
Cobwebs Photoshop and GIMP Brushes  
by redheadstock……………………

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© 2021 jasminira
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1Enary1's avatar

Love the colors! Love the atmosphere! Love the composition! Love the details! Simply, I love everything! Awesome artwork!!! :clap::clap::clap:

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thank you very much!😊🍬🍓🍉🍕🍦

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И как я это пропустила? От всей души поздравляю с ДД:hug:

jasminira's avatar

спасибо , Ирина !🤗🌺🍬🍉

Ladesire's avatar

Поздравляю с получением ДД! Отличная работа и заслуженная награда) :hug: :heart:

jasminira's avatar

Спасибо , мне очень приятно ! 🤝🏻🤗🍓🍬🍦🍕

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Congrats on the DD!

jasminira's avatar

thank you very much ! 🍬🍬🍬

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jasminira's avatar
rosedessable's avatar

That's so beautiful, glad you had a DD<3

jasminira's avatar

thanks a lot ! 😊🍬🍰☕

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w00t, yeah!!! :D Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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thank you dear Linda ! 🤗🌺🌺🌺

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I forgot to put my banner in my comment :crying: I've done it now, though! :tighthug:

SandraTheEnchanted's avatar

Congratulations Irina! :heart: :love:

jasminira's avatar

thank you Sandra ! 🤗🍦🍕🍓

lauraypablo's avatar

:la: :la: :la: what a great news!!! :la: congratulations on your DD dear! :happybounce: :heart:

jasminira's avatar

thank you my friend ! 🤗❤

jasminira's avatar

Thank you a lot ! 😊🌺🌺🌺🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬

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Contrata tô DD !!
jasminira's avatar

thank you very much my friend ! Also thanks for offering my art for DD! I appreciate it! Thanks for your friendship 🤗🤗

mumu0909's avatar

My pleasure dear you deserved!!:clap: :hug:

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