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Meet Hannah: The Omnipotent Teen
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I am a writer. My stories are highly erotic. 18+ ONLY PLEASE!

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Beyond logic and reason, a very normal and ordinary couple gave birth to a very special baby who seemed to posses supernatural powers. Telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and even teleportation and levitation were all abilities that the child put on display within the first years of her life, powers that did not stop multiplying. Baffling scientists and terrifying governments, the entire world soon came to understand that for whatever reason, this average couple gave birth to a girl who was born with the powers of a god. The little girl could fly, walk through walls, cure diseases, turn into animals, and create anything she wanted out of thin air with a snap of her fingers. Interplanetary explorations, complete control of gravity, space, time, matter, and thought: there was nothing this little girl could not do, and yet all she wanted to do was be treated like a normal person.

But when the hormones of the now eighteen year-old Hannah Deangelo start to form, the teenager with the infinite powers of a god longs to experience the joys and thrills of intimacy. Hannah's desire to be normal start to fade when she finds herself willing to doing whatever is needed to satisfying her teenage lust. Still with infinite power, and with sexual fantasies growing in her teenage mind, Hannah uses her powers to transform herself into the most beautiful, most voluptuous, and most sexually provocative teenager the world had ever seen. Soon her best (and only) friend Sabrina joins her as Hannah blesses her with the same obnoxious beauty, making her best friend too beautiful for even Hannah to resist. Longing for someone to share the joins of omnipotence with, the teenage girl uses her vast knowledge to find women worthy of being gods along with her, women who find their lives changed when they are suddenly blessed with the same power Hannah has over everything around them. Longing for pleasures of all kinds, and longing to share them with women who also deserve to be loved, Hannah begins to experiment sexually, abusing her gifts to experience joys she had never known while also keeping her newfound love for sex hidden from her very normal parents. Will Hannah ever accept that she is in fact the almighty god of the universe, or is she just an incredibly gifted teenager who just wants to get laid?

OMNIPOTENCE is not just about the girl who became a god, but about all of the women whom she has blessed with similar power over everything: Nika: an abused, old woman who has experienced the worst of mankind and now has the power to judge everyone and rid the universe of evil, Vanessa: a woman whose life was wasting away by her unloving husband and her terrible job who now has the power to do as she pleases and conquer the business world; Tiffany: an overweight college girl who always loved fashion and wanted to be a model, yet was judged negatively by everyone she ever met who now has the power to be the most beautiful supermodel ever; Celeste: a loving, caring teenager whose abusive step-father and negligent mother drove her out into the world too naive to survive who has embraced her new life as an immortal god, and Rebecca: a married, mother-of-two who had never felt desired, yet now with the power to change anything with her thoughts finds it possible to not only be the most beautiful woman in the world, but bless others with similar beauty. Together with the all-mighty Hannah Deangelo, they will discover the joys and heartaches of being a god. They will experience new sexual pleasures, embark on impossible, magical adventures, and do what they can to keep their powers from being exposed. How do these living gods deal with normal lives, relationships, and their newfound omnipotence? Who else wants that same power?

Hannah and Sabrina are going 3D!

Hannah and Sabrina are going 3D!

Read my full announcement here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/37201602



What's New Since Last Time? • BUBBLE BATH BABES is complete and available for download • 4 NEW QUICKIES available to read! • Chronicles and Old Quickies combined! • LOST AT SEA scene added! Make my day better by... • Sending feedback! It's free for you and means tons to us! • Subscribing to our Patreon for discounts and bonuses! • Telling your pals where to find the best erotica (aka: here). The website is going through some changes as Quickies rediscover their reason for existing: being quick. This sadly did slow down some writing production, but there are still a total of FIVE new stories to read, so that's neat! Expect the site to continue to adjust to the new changes over the next month or so. Hopefully this will not slow things down much more, though. -JVC

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Vote With Coins!

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