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  .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana Prices  .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana 

Sketches: 100 points

outline: 300 

cel shading: 600 points

Flat color: 330

Full color: 800

DA button with code: 10 points

Character refrence sheet 1,000-1,500 points for ref sheets depending on their complexity.

( this will be done in flat color)

Character design/ redesign: 1,000 points

with this commission i design a character for you. please no complicated characters. im not ready for that yet. 
what i do

i make a page full of sketches of the character you want created, then you pick out what u want or pick features you like from other sketches, or give suggestions. then once thats done i make the line art and the flat colors

please give DETAILS of you character

  .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana  Rules .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana

( this is temporary please no underwater stuff, im kinda sick of drawing it)

  • Max of 3 characters 

  • 2 comisssions per person plz

  • I can do digital 
  • Refs are required!

  • I prefer full body refs please.

Please tell me what you want! Don't be shy. If its nudity you want then tell me I can do it.

I can deyny your commission. And I will give you a reason why I won't do it.

  .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana Payment before I start! .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana


If you want WIPs just ask me I'll be more than happy to

Your commission will be done when I'm finished.
Which won't be too long. ( hopefully) but i do have a job now so i will take a little longer for it to get finished.

First come first serve is my policy. Unless you haven't paid yet.

Check my gallery for examples of my art.
Further back you go the older my work is so keep that in mind.

Past commissions:…

I can draw


Sonic stuff

Pretty much anything really if I try hard enough
Mostly anime or cartoon style.

  .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana  No refunds .:Eggman Mini Pixel:. by Commando-Banana

Have any questions note me

Also when you do give me your email I would prefer that you note me your email. That way random people don't attack or stalk you.
And if you do post your email in the comments. I will hide the comment for your own safety.
So please do keep that in mind.

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deactivatingin5432's avatar
You need commissions hm?

Can I be of assistance? :)
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
Well I don't need one. I just want one. I'm trying to get them going Lol.
Especially when I go to school. Earn some money on the side.
deactivatingin5432's avatar
Ah well that's pretty fine :)
Can I have a point commission then??
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
yup. they are both open
deactivatingin5432's avatar
Rightyo then :P

Can I have a full colour drawing of PES plz?
JasmineRobotnik's avatar

what do u want her doing?
deactivatingin5432's avatar
Ah you decide. It could just be a simple full body portrait if you want
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
alrighty! sounds good
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Jared-The-Rabbit's avatar
How am I going to get 800 points? Exactly: I can't!
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
Go earn it. Work for them. 

U can't? Well tough shit.
JetSetAmirrah's avatar
Heyo I'm interested in getting a point commission from you! ^_^ 
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
just send me all the info I need
JetSetAmirrah's avatar
Alright, I'd like a flat color of my roller coaster OC, Cedar Creek Mine Ride with my friend's roller coaster OC, Gatekeeper together showing their friendship to one another. :) Both roller coasters are from a theme park named Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. 

Cedar Creek Mine Ride reference: Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Gatekeeper reference: Gatekeeper Ref
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
ok.  what is their relationship?
again i need full body refs
JetSetAmirrah's avatar
I'm so sorry, I just asked my friend if she had a fullbody reference of Gatekeeper and she said she has not made one yet. She says that her pants are white with the same blue pattern as the trim on her sleeves and her shoes are black if that helps. ^_^; I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, also they're just friends!
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
its ok. but i really need a full ref if you want the best accurate results.
JetSetAmirrah's avatar
Yeah, I know but sadly she doesn't have one, you could always draw it from the thigh up, it doesn't have to be fullbody. ^_^; 
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
dont worry M8
i got an idea

#Best ideas come from the shower!!!
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Lovely-RedRoses's avatar
I am interested Jasmine! Can I get a flat color, the one for 330 :points: of one of my ships? :meow:
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
sure can!
what do u want?
Lovely-RedRoses's avatar
Can you do my ship of Trunks and my OC Jess?…
JasmineRobotnik's avatar
sure. and that flat color right?
Lovely-RedRoses's avatar
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