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I just wanted to share my happiness with my watchers and visitors and to let you know that one woman from Norway has tattooed MY DRAWING
Drawn Mr.Katzor by JasminaSusak Cat tattoo 1 by IraW0lv
     When I was drawing this drawing, that was the last thing that I could imagine, that someone would be tattooing this. Probably means much more for me 'cause I didn't draw someone else's photo, but my own. I'm  so proud of this; I just hardly find a words to describe this feeling.
I wish every artist to get such a feeling in this life.
    As a first, Deviant from Norway :iconiraw0lv: asked me for permission to use my drawing :wow::wow::wow: her sister wanted to have tattooed it, of course I was happy saying "Yes", but I didn't take it seriously and I forgot it. Several days after she uploaded 2 photos about tattoo and let me know. When I saw I started to cry, whole that day I couldn't talk anything. That was positive shock for me (and still is it).
    So,  she could choose among soooo many amazing drawings that we have seen here on DeviantART:heart:,  but no...... she has chosen MINE:woohoo:.   To live with it for the rest of her life.  Such a feeling that might have one artist cannot be compared to 1,000 exhibitions and prizes,    these are transient things.  These fall into oblivion. Tattoo stays :D
Mr. Katzor by JasminaSusak Cat tattoo 2 by IraW0lv
     This is  not my cat. This is one cat (still) living in one small village near to Budapest (Hungary). I just captured the cat of the owners of the house that I rented 2 years ago. He was just looking at the running horses when I caught him :D  Here is one more photo from the same cat: Katzor by JasminaSusak
   As an artist what can I expect more from life? What to achieve when this is the top. I cannot get higher. In art I don't have a goals anymore. I just draw away calmly :)

I am told to have been a good artist; some people recommend me to start tattooing..... Well, it's not excluded......:D

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I think that you should be very proud of yourself Jas :3. This is fantastic to see something you drew a picture of to see someone else wanted to use it as a tatoo inspiration ^.^ This is simply wonderful ^.^. I hope that you do realize just how good your work is. And how it inspires people like me to learn and to be guided by amazing artist such as yourself. I hope that one day I will be able to draw something then maybe one day YOU! will even comment to me. LAWL, even if its a stick figure hehehee. Your work truly is good.
JasminaSusak's avatar
Thank You so MUCH
Just practice a lot and you will be even better :)
MaliDraws's avatar
You are drawing soooo Awsome!!!!!!!!!
morningstarskid's avatar
Awe Some!!!!!!

Yea Girl....have you started Tattoo'n........even if you dont like it...you will end up an airbrush artist.....:nod:
JasminaSusak's avatar
No, I haven't started. You know, it is difficult to work with people and I need a lot of money to get started ( for education, tools...) I don't know, maybe one day... :D Hm... airbrush? Didn't think about it.
Thanks for reading :hug: Means MUCH to me!!!
morningstarskid's avatar
Airbrush...yep,think about it...
my pleasure hon..:iconbowplz:

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Wow that is amazing! Congrats! I've drawn a design that the tattoo person altered a bit but still was tattooed on some I know. So I know the feeling someone, but for someone you don't know now that is breathe taking!
JasminaSusak's avatar
Thanks a lot for reading :hug: Indeed, great feeling, never forget. Would like to meet a girl once :D
The-Lost-Hope's avatar
You're welcome and that sounds like it be cool. And I never will forget. :D
Hraundrangi's avatar
Huge congratulations!

I'm sceptic of tattoos but this one is worth to be on body. No violence, 100% positive =)
JasminaSusak's avatar
Thank you sooooooo MUCH
Hraundrangi's avatar
It's a pleasure to write words like that, really =)
Tumbling-Star's avatar
I've got a question:
How do you place pictures into your journal?
is it with a Code or something?
please tell me :heart:
JasminaSusak's avatar
You can find right to every deviation share navbar, click on the last (down arrow) and choose thumb code
Tumbling-Star's avatar
I'm sorry but i don't understand it (I'm not that good in English)
So, when you make a journal,
where do you have to look to put a picture?
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That is so Cool.
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Congratulation for the tattoo-issue ;), I hope the guy credited you under the pic: "www.jasminasusak.devianart.com" :D
I think it is really funny, Hungary-Norway axle... I wish you more commissions!
hhorseACE's avatar
I feel so happy for you!!!!!!! :lol:
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i doubt whether leonardo da vinci ever had any of his contempories strolling beneath the sun with bare arms proudly boasting his designs, what a compliment!!!!maybe on LA INK or the LONDON INK tattoo based programmes a fellow shall venture in with one of your designs , i must keep a look out lol. once again congratulations
JasminaSusak's avatar
Thank you sooo much :hug: I'm really proud of this. And tattoo artist did a great job and tattoo looks beautiful on her norwegian skin :heart: Thanks for such a nice words - means MUCH !!!
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