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WHEREareMYpowers She wondered by jasinski WHEREareMYpowers She wondered by jasinski
acrylic on canvas.

another superhero thing.
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ESUTERURE2006 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
Powerful yo.
sheenayz Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
you´re so good, congratulations!!!!
PaperclipHeart Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2008
I love the piece, and the title is great, too. Really speaks to me.
aeravi Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008
:dance: featured in whimsy III :clap:
bonesomething Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2008  Professional General Artist
this is a great image. Those who often look up at the sky and wonder "why am I not up there?" are my favorite kind of people.
aeravi Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008
love your sense of humor and your angles and your use of color and texture... you are quite talented!!!
alainvega Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2008
PlasticArt Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2007
This was very cool! D D:D
PolaroidCupcake Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007
love the perspective!
whoismatt2 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007   Writer
you are like brilliant
Liffe Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2007
treebee Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
your work always makes me want to be a better artist!
Stunning perspective and super theme!
lady-maree Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2007
i would really enjoy this on my wall

to all the others...lmao.

i've got to stop buying your prints.

i'll go broke.
memoriesofnam Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2006
I love the composition and perspective of this!! And the colours are awesome :)
super-itik Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2006  Student General Artist
very, very cool! very cool indeed! :clap: :clap:
irwin-fletcher Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006   Photographer
your painting freaking rocks,
the concept and rendering
couleur Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2006
here :|
humanskin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
awesome perspective in this piece. it really makes it stand out from the rest. :clap:
jethrosketch Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2005
this is brilliant...i love the idea!!!
NezumizDarkWish Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
Interesting composition... I really like the angle. ^^
Peep-N-Freak-Show Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2005
What a truly wonderful gallery. Great characterisation full of warmth, wit charm and pathos. I feel like a child in a sweet shop, trying to pick a favourite from your collection. Such a tantalising, mouth-watering colourful selection to choose from beautifully ornate jars and there I am with only a paltry 50 pence (approx. 28 cents in US language.. at current exchange rates.. once a bean counter..always a bean counter…) in my pocket. I have (after much deliberation) plumped for “A Moment Of Self Doubt” and “Where Are My Powers”. Firstly we have the superhero that secretly longs to be relieved of the burden of being special and having all the world’s eyes upon him. At times of self-reflection he desires nothing more than to live an everyday life and be “normal”. Then we have the young lady, who feels confined and restricted by the claustrophobic atmosphere of city life. Trapped in our modern world of monstrous steel, concrete and glass. Desiring to feel “special” and touch something natural, simple and beautiful like a flower or the freedom that can be attained in flight. Neither one is looking at life from the other’s perspective because if they did they might realise that the grass isn’t always greener and wanting can sometimes be better than having…… just as the flowers the young girl has plucked are doomed to die the moment she pulled them up by the roots. Well that’s my spin on things anyway, barely does your work justice and the only thing I can say that would, is that I would love to have one of your originals hanging on my wall.
ladik Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2005
this painting reminds me to the cartoon, hey arnold! :) i like both of them (the painting and the cartoon) ;)
misternow Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2005  Professional Photographer
oh wow the perspective on this is totally mind blowing! i love it!
Grambo-Nitro Featured By Owner May 9, 2005
I actually found this very funny.. she's all dismayed like "where's mine, dammit!". This one's my favorite in your gallery because of the perspective and the way it made me laugh when i read the title. I have painted before with pretty good results for a rookie. you make me want to try again, thank you maybe i will some time :)
Arryma Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2004   Writer
You have the most awesomely distinct style! I love the perspective and the concept and everything you have going on in this one - don't we all wish we had super powers?

+fav :D
LadyMorella Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004
I love the feel of this. I think it captures the feeling of longing to be more than average in some aspect. Though a part of me wishes there was a little more longing in her face. Or maybe a hint of pain for being stuck being average.
Zalea Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004
Whoa. That's impressive! The perspective is amazing :clap:
MasYluM Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2004
wow is so funny i like it a lot !! i'm going to see all your artwork!
UmbrellaJane Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2004
Have you ever considered offering this piece as a print? I would gladly buy it if you did. I'm currently redecorating one wall in my bedroom with various prints of pieces I love, and I would add this to the decorations in a heartbeat.
rockst3ady Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
this is one of the best paintings i ever saw, too. actually your whole gallery. you're now in my greatest artists, ever section in my brain ;-) sorry im german and cant express myself better, but you rock!
BalletStudio Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2004
thats just awesome!
thebends Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2004
I'm rather completely in love with this.

between the concept and the colour and the facial expression...

just... really impossibly well done.
jmast Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2004
I just like looking at your stuff the elements of it are all always so quirky
twinkles1955 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004
I love the perspective of this and well I'm an admirer of all your work really. You're very talented! :+fav:
musicfan Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2004
You have a lot of super hero paintings.. I LOVE IT!
gutterpunkgirl Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2004
this is absolutely gorgeous..the perspective is amazing. i love it :D i took a lookie at your other stuff're unbeleivably talented, dude!
gemini-tiger Featured By Owner May 28, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
Very likey.
a-tunnard Featured By Owner May 27, 2004
Cool, I like the way that the building lead your eye from the woman to superman, and he really shows up against that dark sky.
Paraphernalia Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
great perspective!
who doesn't feel like that sometimes?
luciobosch Featured By Owner May 13, 2004
If only the world really had superheros... Meep....
popedave Featured By Owner May 1, 2004
justkatie Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2004
This is really gorgeous. Amazing work.
d-r-e-a-m-e-r Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
it's got this twist on it that acctually makes you think about it, what's the girl thinking about? it kinda makes everyone else a little less black and white when you see some guy up in the sky flying around in tights and a cape, lol, well this is definitly one for the favorites list! by the way, I love the calender! it's a lovely addition to my wall. :-)
meapanda Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2004
love the perspective
mancanman Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004
wonderful use of space
candiice Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2004   Interface Designer
Wow.... I love the angle of this.....and the symbolism......I must have :+fav:
mascarastrike Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
wow... i really really love your technique on all of your artwork, but i especially love the angle on this one, and the emotion in the girl's face.
love your work. all of it.
tuthan Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2004
this is awesome, i really didn't give pop art much thourght but this picture really changes me, ot apperciate it more. nice job
Sehven Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2004
i love the style ( as usual ) and particularly the perspective
in this painting... i mean"wow" :lick: :+favlove:
kaca Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004   Photographer
how big is this? actually, how big are you doing yuor paintings over all?
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November 20, 2003
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