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Urban Angel 2 by jasinski Urban Angel 2 by jasinski
Sometimes I wonder if they really exist.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2002-04-12
Urban Angel 2 is just one of many totally kickass paintings uploaded by the unbelievable artist, jasinski. You must seriously check out this guy's gallery! (Selected by $matteo) ( Featured by matteo )
Wondering what they wanna do in this urban world.
GeoKorf Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009   Digital Artist
do i dare believe my senses , i see this in prey?
SacredHart Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
What a beautiful inspiring painting and they do exist don't worry :) Best of luck for everything.
danka-ns Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009
featured here:
Roadless-I-Travel Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No one can tell you otherwise.
klmarsala Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2008
featured... under valentines
stbadgirl Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008   Writer
do u believe in them n question; or you dont believe in them n sometimes the 'feeling' comes??

i'll be watchin.
i'm sure they exist only for those that truly need and believe in them. Other than that, I think they look as lost and alone as this poor creature in this picture. Lovely coloring work. ^^
Sun-Shadow Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007

Your stuff really sticks out from the rest (that means its really good). You've obviously got life in your work - it shows and I noticed. What would you think about being featured in a gallery that I organize? Theres really very little to do on your part and it helps raise money for a local non-profit. Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear back from you.



BTW, I like your music too "Lockdown" and "day and night" are pretty cool!
k9cat Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
I love your work. It's cartoony... but not hugely... If that makes sense... like the illustrations in older children books

LucyJOrchard Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
featured in my journal :love:
control Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2006
hey, saw this on a railer cd cover, just wondering if they had permissions and such.
missbluesky Featured By Owner May 10, 2006
very cool :)
BrokenSpaceAngel Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2006   Photographer
they do.
pokedwithastick Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2005  Professional General Artist
This has been a favorite of mine for a long long time. :)
eoka Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
Was this done for Railers "Frame of Mind" album cover?

I have loved this image ever since I saw it on their album... awesome work, I wish I had discovered you first :heart:
jasinski Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
they licensed it for their cover. :)
elphabawicked1982 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
The style of this reminds me of Tweakers album covers. (Tweaker is Chris Vrenna from case anyone wanted to know...) Very similar...and very nice!
disengagedXdreams Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2005
this reminds me of Les Mis. oh so much. "On my own.." i am in awe at how beautiful this is. she looks lost...and pure...and it's very good.

CageyButterfly Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2005
Reminds me of a friend I haven't seen in a long, long time:kiss::thanks::+favlove:

blap Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2005
i know they do :blowkiss:

katinkatze Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
cant help but really like this :) love all your stuff really... an amazing artist you are.
soulofdeath Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004
She looks so sad. Although appearing angelic, she is surrounded by a dank dark alley. The only thing for her to have as comfort, which is grasped in her hand, is her technological wonder. Beautiful_raevyn
cherrystone Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2004
CeciliaLisbon1 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2003
i love this...this is
biancodove Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2003
this is one of my faves of yours
very beautiful yet sad too
phantomofnyc Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2003
not sure if ive commented on this yet or not. but amazing color. style, texture. the colors and light, that hazy look is perfect. love what she's holding, modern day angel eh. really well done. love the creativity and perspective. take it easy :peace:
bigdowro Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003
You must remember

You must remember that throughout human history, millions have made this voyage.
A few (whom we call mystics, saints or buddhas) have made this experience endure and have communicated it to their fellow men.

You must remember, too, that the experience is safe (at the very worst, you will end up the same person who entered the experience), and that all of the dangers which you have feared are unnecessary productions of your mind.

Whether you experience heaven or hell, remember that it is your mind which creates them. Avoid grasping the one or fleeing the other. Avoid imposing the ego game on the experience.
greensprout Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I keep looking at this on the Prints advertisement on the side and It always caught my eye. I decided to come over here to see what you had to say about it. I thought you would have more to say! Oh well, leaves more to our imaginations. Anyway... I think perhaps because of this I came up with a character in my head.... Not an angel perhaps...well not literally anyway. But rather urban. She just has the most perfect face...
inphorm Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2003
viewfinder Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2003   Photographer
incredible. +fav
riotstar Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2003
she's so cute..I love the combination of her red hair and green coat...and her eyes are lovely
devilicious Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2003  Professional Photographer
kick ass - very "oliverish" looking. love this.
goat-legs Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2003
they do exist 0=) (Smile)
pyzafive Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2003
heh It looks almost like me. and I had a green mobile phone :> heh...
-bot- Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2003
she is so innocent and gorgeous with her little wings
her face is incredible and the harmony of the background... i don't have words!!!!!!
she reminds me a friend of mine
really sweet, overcoat the eyes
peeter Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2003
Thought it was about time I faved something... It's amazing how sometimes paintings can actually shape your life... +fav
desertpenguin Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2003
I think it's gorgeous. I can only hope to be as good of a painter as you one day.
daeira Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2003
How sad...and beautiful. I love her face, it's violently disturbing and lovingly!

I just feel like giving her a hug :) (Smile)
zero001 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2003
hey you know I commented on this all most a for whether they exist or not....they do...whether you realize or girlfriend as of this date sat right next me as I commented on this piece last year...they exist alrite...all u have to do is notice them.
starrynight Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2002
great ..really great...who is your biggest influence ?
martinez Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2002
Nice one. I wont more!
jrice Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
The (muted) colors are brilliant. ...Uhhh... I mean "great". Again, it's the background that really makes it.

I have to ask, though, what you were trying to say with the miniature wings. (I meant to ask you this before, but got side-tracked.)
mothburner Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2002
Holy Kerrrap! That's amazing! I love the style and how the buildings have the effect of distance and stuff. Just amazing.... Woo...
colorbynumbness Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2002
wicked-eve Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2002
nicely done....
Love the red you used for the hair....GREAT
weazrobb Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2002
Wasn't this used as the cover art to the Railer CD? Congrats!

*Growing old is mandatory,
Growing up is optional
apparentlyneurotic Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
urban angel? yep, that's me...erm... =p (Razz)

- apparently neurotic jark (deviantART Co-Founder) Crazy
matryca Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2002
no words...just +fav
mel4615 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2002
tres bien :) (Smile)
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