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The Good Life by jasinski The Good Life by jasinski
This was a commission I just finished. I am pretty happy with it as it gave me a chance to play with some more achitectural drawing (and warping). Acrylic on canvas 24x36".
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MissTessaw Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
This was commissioned by my boyfriend, it's set at Home House in Portman Square London " the croc is its mascot "
I'm a British girl and he's an American boy hence the martini glass and the champagne, sadly the boy and I are no more nor indeed is Lulu is my beloved west highland terrier
I never thought for a moment it would have raised so many comments The painting hangs in my drawing room and is loved each and every day
stanf003 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
Pania Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2006
Like Elizana said.. I see this as a sort of critique, unlike most of the people who have commented.
1. Their body-language! They lean away from each other.. not very compassionate. Like they're keeping some sort of distance.
2. The waiters in the background seem so lifeless.
3. The facial expressions are a bit .. peculiar. Especially hers! She looks like she's holding something back. She's smiling and at the same time expressing something different.

I think it's clear that you wanted to do more than just show us some happy, rich people :)
Even if I'm wrong, it's beautiful artwork!


post scriptum =
I'm not sure what to make of the croc on the balcony, but it makes the picture even more intriguing.
CageyButterfly Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2005
Brilliant non~snide satirical metaphor & representation.

& Quite nice warped architectural work;) :+fav:
jrice Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2002
Mmmmn. It's definitely the warping, as you point out yourself, that makes this image. The colors are nice, too, and the expressions are Excellent. Nice work on this one. ...Makes me wonder who the commission was for and why they wanted it. :) (Smile)
foshizzle383 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2002
that sweet ass, wish it was a lil bigger, but favs none the less.
idiotsavant Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2002
very nice, but i disagree with your concept of what the good life is..
apparentlyneurotic Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2002
very cool, was it for their engagement or something? mad idea.

- apparently neurotic jark (deviantART Co-Founder) Crazy
snarble Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2002
i wish this one was available for a print [and i wish the scanned version was larger..]
yeah, im sure you know this, but your art is really great :) (Smile)
i wish i had your talent and imagination
alius-canor Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2002
yup.. i love the perspective.. the expressions.. everyth! and not to sound like a pervert but the skin around her breasts looks really real..

blackcat Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2002
incredible... i like the expressions and two figures at the door.
it's realistic and surreal!
afrojack Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
I envy your talent man! If you do release this on DAPrints I will gladly buy it. +favlove
C-Novack Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2002  Professional Photographer
I really like the "tilts" of perspective. You have the building, the couple's heads and the wine glasses all tilting in that it seems that everything in the painting is mimicing the toasting to the good life. Not only that but the odd angles just jump off the canvas which makes for eye-catching work.
spud Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2002
looks like a collage... lol. i love it!
[if i only had a brain]
mill3 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2002
The expressions on the faces is very cool... the message you give is perfect :) (Smile)
Love the croc on the balcony too LOL

zanadu Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2002
Awesome dude, just like all of your work.
: Zanadu

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selj Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2002
Its like it came out of The Sims (the game)

I like the way you use brighter colours. I never figured out how to do that...
elizana Featured By Owner May 30, 2002
I wonder if they are really happy.. They seem to have it all, but though their happiness looks hollow.. I want to zoom in on the butlers!! and the people inside the house!

The dog is happy :-) (Smile)
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Kiss :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Kiss

spin0spin0suga Featured By Owner May 28, 2002
your style is always so intriguing! I love the colors!
Sheepish m00 Sheepish
rerighthand Featured By Owner May 28, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
how much would you charge for a commisioned piece of similar size?
You can, If you think you can... [link]
-freak- Featured By Owner May 28, 2002
everything about this is playful and fun. The colors. The expressions, the warping, the dog! Nicely done.

Can I ask (send me a note if you don't want it public) how much something like this costs to commission? I'm very curious.
derektion Featured By Owner May 27, 2002   Interface Designer
Very nice, I like the whole distorted house, and the vibrant colors in this one. I notice that your characters are very chipper in this one, as opposed to your other works. Just something I noticed. And the characters are very lifelike, I defenitely give this an A+!
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pdaoust Featured By Owner May 27, 2002
I love love your stuff, man. Just excellent. The people (person) who commissioned this -- are they the subjects shown in the picture?
databoss Featured By Owner May 26, 2002
Aww... very nice.
Rock on with your smock on!
kid-a Featured By Owner May 26, 2002
I really love how gestural your work is, the figures in particular. There's just such a nice flow to this piece. This is a fav, I dub thee ART GOD!

:o (Eek)
Kid A
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deejbard Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
there's no doubt, you do some nice things with the architecture here ... but my favorite part is the look you've captured on their faces. you do that so well.

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hessam Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
really nice! :) (Smile)
Penguin Trout -Hessam
jasinski Featured By Owner May 25, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
this was a private commission. for a guy. not publication or print, just a private piece :) (Smile)
firefly6 Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
god damn! you're just tooooooooooo good for us aaron :) (Smile)
I'm interested what this is for too, I know you say it's a commission but is it for publication, or private? you just blow me away ;) (Wink)
ebjcoat Featured By Owner May 25, 2002  Professional Photographer
is he holding the glass w/ one finger?
.:ebjcoatFella, the deviantART Mascot Tech Junkie:.
zeranix Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
wow great job =) (Smile)
sms Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
. solid job . :D (Big Grin) .
sekt Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
Awesome. The warped architecture is great. Whatever they're paying you, it's not enough.
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czarita Featured By Owner May 25, 2002
ahh.... *so* Seattle...
capturing things brilliantly again, I see
I'm hoping I'll be able to come down and catch your show in July- I'd love to see some of your amazing work in person :) (Smile)
akasleep Featured By Owner May 24, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
I like this.
I think this what Chinese call "Live in a western and keep a western dog" :) (Smile)
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artjoe Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
i love it. only one thing...bigger next time!! i opened it fullsize and its still small. Such wonderful pieces should be shown in great detail. i love the colors, the feeling, the style. wow, this is art.
pirate-trish Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
#1 lol you are so popular!!! heeheehee and #2 *chingching* baby!

i can't believe this one gave you so much trouble yet you pull it off so awesomely! i admit and confess i love the house most with the wacko servants in front and that dog!!!!!!!!!! and on that balcony..... is that an aligator dressed as the statue of liberty?? awesome O_O how much i adore your art, oh yes yes i do.... so much joy for the wacko gator and the sog who wishes to devour his tail..... *loves*
gremlindesign Featured By Owner May 24, 2002   Photographer
You've done it again :-) (Smile)

Nice colors, cool kind of abstract view, love the expresstions and the little details on the figures.

would have been nice itf it was a little bigger so we coudl see it better

pitufina Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
i love the cardboard cut out effect that there is in alot of your work.
the slanting is pretty cool too... i dig that little green dude up on the balcony... and the puppy... heh. nice job :) (Smile)
bratchny Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
Great!! I love how you made their faces realistic, but gave them a good old warping at the same time. The colours you used created the mood just right too. Can't find anything negative about this painting! Doh II
gilodar Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
Again, a great piece. I like the tones. The perspective is interesting too, kind of adds to the mood of the couple. Great work.
niteangel Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
I dunno but I love the way you treat the building's very intriguing as the tilted elements show the movement...buildings are no longer static here, giving a vivid meaning to the whole image...lovely!~

:D (Big Grin) well done~
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yawn2oo Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
omg aaron, this is insane. .. the lighting, the perspective, the color, the facial features, the human form .. BLAH BLAH BLAH .. i could go on forever.. this is so incredible.
yayson Featured By Owner May 24, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
love the title, that phrase always makes me giggle. oh yeah, painting's not bad either!
rapidograph Featured By Owner May 24, 2002  Professional Filmographer
... I really enjoy the way you make facial features... the expressions here are so full of life; I like how the line of sight between them parellels the skewed balcony...
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mkinne Featured By Owner May 24, 2002  Professional Artist
You uploaded it! Yay! I have been looking at your webcam at that for a while (course you know that). Great job. I love the warping effect and the color red used. Very cool. You know I love your art, so I thank you again for submitting.

Rock on. Oh, and for anyone reading this, if you have not checked and listened to the man's music, you should. :) (Smile) Multitalented bastid!
:o (Eek)
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breid Featured By Owner May 24, 2002  Professional Artist
Such talent. I love the hues you used on the brick and the expressions on the faces. So smug.
thursday Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
very cool. i think a good word to describe this would be "charming"
:) (Smile)
sighlance Featured By Owner May 24, 2002
genius. I feel another DD coming....
pfoj Featured By Owner May 24, 2002   Writer
wow, commission work, i've always wondered how they go about... i mean, if it's for a private collection, i'm glad we're also allowed to see it and enjoy...
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