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The Duel

Here's a preview of one of the paintings for my solo show at Screaming Sky Gallery, [link]

Ode to the NES light gun.

It's acrylic on wood panel.
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Where can a buy a print of The Duel?

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Hy ! We wants to use your pics in order to promote our compétition in pleading art in France (near of Paris). If your agree we propose to right your name on the final picture. Are you ?
Hello! I hope this message finds you well after 4 years! I'm wondering if you would ever do a sequel, or part deux-el (haha) of a male and female instead of two males? Anyway, your gallery is fun and I hope to see more from you!
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really nice!would have a print of this at my home entrance^^
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Nothing like a good ol' duck hunt with your best mate.
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This is really neat. Great colors and textures.
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Oh man!  Some games on that thing had you actually feeling that epic!
...I may be young, but I love old games! (Although I had a gameboy advanced when it was still the hottest thing)
Are they using those water guns from the circus?
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No man!  Those are gun attachments for an old NES Console!

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This is effing fantastic. Nice work!
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Love this soooo much - it's cool,quirky and wicked! you have amazing talent!
That is so weird. I saw what I'm assuming was a glicee print of this in the window of a store and I never expected to find it online. I can't remember where exactly I saw it, though - Calgary, maybe? Hmm. Anyway, I seriously thought about buying it and when I went by the window again another day and saw it gone I was super disappointed. D:
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I salute this painting as a major fan of time crisis XD love it!
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I bought this yesterday at a little art shop. I was surprised they had your stuff.
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Loved it so much had to get the mouse pad!
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hilarious. you must have a great personality man
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thanks! I hope I'm a bit interesting.
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heh, sweetness
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freakin nice!!!
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Dude that's so awesome. :D
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So funny. I love the Characters you create, and the themes in you art are great. And you are a very talented artist.
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nintendo zapper wtf !!
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Legendary! How big is it?
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