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Roborazzi by jasinski Roborazzi by jasinski
Part of my solo show that hangs from the month of February at [link] in Palm Springs CA. Artist reception on Feb 28th. Acrylic on canvas.
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Toash Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011
i'm speachless
Romylyn Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
Wow amazing =)=)
jadeey Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2008
amazing work. i love the robots!
koolasvegan1 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Paparazzi of the future and the super star of the future basking in the digital flashbulbs glows? Amazing! :)
hwlwolf05 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2008
ausome style, i love your look on robots, they have always been a favorite of mine
ChrisPanatier Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2008
Your stuff is great. Reminds me of Todd White [link] except with a little more context and depth of premise, as well as creativity. I'm a huge fan of yours.
Bnspyrd Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2008  Professional General Artist
She has so much character. :love:
real-galactico Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2007
phanoptexperplex Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
SneakyLemur Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007  Student General Artist
Robots with cameras! *jaw drops*
NoodleDoodler Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007
Very smart and clean, gives us a new perspective of what the media is like, even now. They all seem like robots to me! =P
LizWymark Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
I love your work. very beautiful and expressive attitudes. Love you to visit my site!!!
mr-fedders Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007
Great colours. I love the stylized look of this. Outstanding job!!! A :+fav: for sure.
Sophquest Featured By Owner May 23, 2007   Digital Artist
This fantastic piece of Artwork is being featured
in this week's ~ 'Wednesday's Wall of Wow's!'
:clap: Way to go~ This artwork ROCKS! :headbang:
:rose: Sophquest
selladohr Featured By Owner May 9, 2007
i love the little flower. :)
yeagersspace Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she looks like a girl from a 1933 movie i like that
yeagersspace Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rita-Ria Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
just wonderful!
fabricebackes Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2007
Damn good works :)
Sabi-Shaylan Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2006
Nice style. Good work
Roxiee Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2006
AMAZING work!!
Rita-Ria Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
just beautiful
solle Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2006
My fave of yours so far. Absolutely gorgeous.
sweetchelsearae Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006
I really really like this. This is a very awesome idea, and very well done. Great work!
invertedbeliever Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2006
Great contrast!
zeldadesign Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2006
i know , you work need time to be done ... but we see you to rarely . i really enjoy your peintings .
ps"the small flower in the corner is to sweet .
memod Featured By Owner May 11, 2006  Professional
That's a really really well done piece of art, I simply love the idea of the superstar lady bathing in the flashlights of the cameras, you can really see how much she enjoys it. it's a very significant fact that she's the only character in the image that is actually standing out and refined-looking, while all the fans, reporters and so on are degraded to a mass of roboters who just worship the star, trying to capture every moment of her life. the only thing that manages to kind of compare to her is that little flower in the bottom, a wonderful detail and touch of colour, that balances this piece out.
technically the image is flawless, good lighting and a nice use of texture.... I love that woolen thing, and how you painted it. if at all I would have wanted to see some background. I do realize that the focus is intended to lie on the woman, and that only she is supposed to be refined, but at leasta few rough structures in the background would have been nice, to maybe suggest an environment of like...a film premier in a big city. where this character would definitely fit in.
Now I wonder if this image aims on portraying the snootiness of the outstanding star, or on the superficial, event-hunting mass of reporters and journalists, but looking at the title I suppose it is the latter.
in any case, very well done!

EarthNOLA Featured By Owner May 5, 2006
I loved waking up to that painting!! It was always like, "Aw dude, it's so early. Hey, art!"
Wonderfull wonderfull wonderfull.
alelale Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006  Student Interface Designer
very original. i love the way you painted it. very nice
colors. her face expression is lovely and the robots
are so you.
kristi-chan Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
I really like it, very stylized, nice texture, and a fun play on paparazzis (spelling?). Definite favorite.
scaredylion Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006  Professional General Artist
As both an artist and a performer I thoroughly LOVE this piece. Great form, style and use of contrast. I love the texture! Are you going to be offering prints of this one at some point??? :clap:
vingt-trois Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006  Professional
it has a cool, sophisticated vibe. i really love your illustration style!
whiterabbitart Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
very interesting and wonderful piece.
gapinska Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006
yes.. yes...YES!
wonderful ! ! !
Dan-YELL Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2006
They could have camera faces, or eyes. Them being robitz and all.
lionbirdteeth Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2006
how wonderful, one of them is offering a flower.
it's as though her hand gesture is waving it aside as unimportant.
she prefers robotic attention to something organic, because organisms can die.

she looks a hell of a lot like Charlize Theron. :lol:
excellent eerie-ish atmosphere, great work.
salvattore001 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006   Photographer
figue Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
congrats on the show!
ileana Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2006
Exceptional work! :)
kookai Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2006   Interface Designer
This work reminds me the 40's jazz... beautifull!!!
ihatechoosingnames Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2006
brilliant :+favlove:
13shadesofblack Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2006
Cool idea, man. Great layout as always. I wonder if celebs would get as psychotically pissed about robots as much as they do with the real pzzoes.
eusay Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006   Writer
It's just beautifull.
Love the collors, and the contrast between the woman and machines (robots).
Can't find anything wrong in it. :phae:
flowingcurtians Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
The concept is so simple, but no matter how many times people dipict it, the truth of it is all the more real. Even more so in this day and age. She is rather glamorous ^_^.

randiradio Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006
This is amazing. I love how the celebrity looks halfway robotic herself. I also love the texture of her fur and curls.
krickets Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2006  Student
it's amusing and sad, too.
I think it's quite interesting how much the diva celebrity is enjoying the attention from beings who were obviously programmed to love her... wonder if real people with real opinions would appreciate her as much?
OibyrdsDDs Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
Hi There! :wave:you just won yourself an ODD :winner:(Oibyrd Daily Deviations!) congrats! :clap:
Please see the link below for details! :)
m4ck Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
excellent as always
an exquisite piece, the feeling invades the art
the concept is perfect :worship:
CoryMay Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
grats on the solo show!
MenosKeTiago Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
hmmmmm, one of the roborazi is giving her a flower.... I wonder.... :|
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