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Detached Floating Girl by jasinski Detached Floating Girl by jasinski
... and the Predicament of Man.

Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 40 inches
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OlegEvteev Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
aeravi Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
:dance: featured in narrative IV :clap:
your work is so wonderfully expressive!!
kyrazee Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
interesting. i like it.
MaxwellSmart3000 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2007
This is marvelous!! Big fan!!:)
signmywallet Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2007
this reminds me a lot of marc chagall, except more modern. (:
TeYanaSu Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2007
I feel really attracted to this one :)
boxedphotos Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2007   Photographer
Hello there I have added this to my "Print" Journal [link] If you would like me to remove it please just let me know.
nelledreamsofberlin Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2006
this has so many layers... not just in appearance.
great work, this piece (especially) makes me react in a way, not good or bad... just is...
coccinele Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2006
I love your Work
AutumnRainDoLL Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2006
lovely. i like ur style w/ the cute characters. nice vivid colors too :clap: fave
iamnotahamsandwich Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006   Traditional Artist
I seriously love your work.....your so good!!!!
Lou-Pimentel Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2005
this is beautiful. I can't stop staring at this. The colors the composition.
Love everything about it. Keep up the great work.
amira13 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2005
how the hell do u do this...........amazing:!: :+fav:
confusedblob Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2005
this is absolutely beautiful :+fav:
HeWhoIsIAm Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2005
i like your style ... but i wonder what is the meaning of this
GregoryStephenson Featured By Owner May 14, 2005
I love this picture.
tubig13 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2005
woah! it surely caught my eyes! coooooooooL! how are you able to go into the details? and the shading? to think it's acrylic! when i used acrylic it's a spill...haha...this surely goes into my fav list!:D
damnthatann Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005  Student
I am amazed. The way you handle the paint. Wow. I'm an art students, first year... and we have acrylic painting assignments and... whoa. I can't paint for shit, but You are like.. jesus or something. seriously. its wow.
sampratot Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2005
i always loves robots...
and you have some nice robots around..
red5 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005
This is great. The use of the warm colors in this really give it depth.

Great job.
ebjcoat Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2005  Professional Photographer
... and the Predicament of Man

Excellent painting mah man. There is so much there. She is flying and he's got wings. It's like he's stuck on the ground because he's overwhelmed trying to fix this object. The monkey next to the robot may be representing something idk, but great work. :painter::thumbsup:
antifisher Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2005
may-i Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2005
Wow this is gorgeous - the colours are spectacular!! :D
milkeyedmender Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2005
that is a gorgeous painting, i was just wondering though what's the relation between the detached girl and the robot/monkey
ink-brains2 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2005   Photographer
i love the starry background sky
and the way the image feels
it seems to say so many things yet certain feelings are stronger than others
meandermind Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very psychedelic and very, VERY cool. the only thing i have to complain about is her transparent legs - why are they transparent? otherwise i love this painting. i really, really do.
shebadapuddytat Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2004

This is so sweet and sad,
It has a lasting feel to it too,
Something sort of timeless.

It's kind of absurd,
And doesn't make complete sense,
But what the hell does?
You've just gotta learn to take it as it is
Or seems to be

And you know that I don't know what I'm talking about!

I love the strange distortions and your use of colour, while at first extremely sophisticated...

There's a childlike enjoyment in those colours, kind of like the fauvists, but a little more restrained with something darker and disquieting lurking beneath.
HeIsCome Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004   Photographer
O.O I don't even know what to say! Every little detail says something about life.
alyn Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2004
Most impressive, your display of well executed original ideas is just tantalising.
redlettuce Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2004   Interface Designer
I really, really like this painting. I think the background really adds a lot to the painting because it brings so much depth. The strokes on the rooftops are beautiful, the way you've mixed the colours - it appears as if they are shimmering. and on the side of the house.. right by the guy's head.. that little brown spot is such a big deal! what an array of colour! wow. and the smooth smoke..
so many great elements!
rockst3ady Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
oh wow. this is one of the best drawings ive seen, ever. and i mean EVER!!! its so great. and the background reminds me of klimt a bit, which is kinda weird, because the rest of the piece is so not klimt ...erm, anyway, i love it. :+heartfav:
simplicitance Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004   Photographer
She seems very lonely, surrounded by everything... lovely picture...
FelixMcCat Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
all I can say is WOW... I think I love it! favorite indeed!
firepaw Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004   General Artist
Love your use of colour. The semi transparentness of the girl floating in isolation makes the separation seem more real. Her bruised little feet make it seem as though she's walked for miles, looking for something that she'll never find.

Great compostion, as always love your work Jas.

HeatherIhn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
OH my GOSH I've seen your work before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's soooooooo awesome~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
HeatherIhn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
This one reminds me a lot of Joe Sorren's work. but it definitely has your own twist to it. I really like it
chilipepperchan Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2004
Gorgeous use of colours and shapes . The overall composition looks incredible!
juliacabral Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2004   General Artist
I just LOVE you work! great!!!!! =D
maladie Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
"Please can you help us, we're not floating!" la la la la la
hollyhox Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2004
stylish. i like it a lot :D
esyla Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2004   Photographer
Hey may or may not remember me, but this is Sarah. I used to live in Bellevue, you introduced me to deviantart, you and the wife met me at that acoustic show, and I went to your art show at that coffee shop in Seattle...etc. Anyway, I've been living in Michigan for the past two years but now I am back in Bellevue. I don't really use DeviantArt anymore, but I decided to check your account today. Just wanted to say that I'm glad to see you're still creating beautiful paintings and sharing them with the peons of the internet :)
jorgesarcos Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I would buy a print if i could ( believe me i would ), until i can... this will be my wallpaper... awesome picture, like how you made her feets! :thumbsup:
zionide Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
your particular style always is impeccable. i like the way her legs are emphasized. the coloured stars in the background are nice- usually shapeslike that take away from the composition, but not in this case. they are subtle enough to create a textured background that does not de-emphasize the foreground.

excellent, professional grade work as per usual!
tastyfish Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
absolutely :+fav:
Amaria Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
How much do I love this? I cannot count the ways.
delrae Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
love the background very vibrant very dig it

kookai Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004   Interface Designer
Good job!
Packed with emotion, i think ;)
onlyme Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2004  Student
the shapes in this painting are so great! so original. i love the girls legs and the robots and the flying... things... the ground really twists into the sky in this one. lovely effect.
divi Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
wow. simply amazing, it captures me.
I love the background scenery and how the girl is translucent.
kage-neko Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2004

Absolutely beautiful.........
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