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A Tale of Last Chances

By jasinski
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My piece for the \"WASTED\" show at WWA Gallery (opening June 9th) in Culver City CA. The show is about getting \'wasted\'... I wanted to convey my perspective about being under the influence, which is basically that you are \'wasting\' your life. Literally.

A cautionary piece about the pitfalls in life that can leave you missing out on a lot....

I think it\'s one of the best things I\'ve done.... so far.
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Where Can we buy it?
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Your work gets better & better!
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I had this dream before...
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I really love how you intertwine the meanings and conclusions of the girl's two choices!
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Wow, this is so cool.
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I approve and I hope in a future where the less will get information through marketing business, the more we will get knowledge. US citizens should wake up, it's impossible to deal with a nation who thinks that extra virgin oil best quality ever, basically comes from green olives! (just one of many examples). Marketing through money's God are the causes of this effect. I do, still doing and I will vibrant protest about that.

Fuck the corporations like Monsanto, buy local, support the economy of your own land.

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This is so beautiful and meaningful!
Love the characters and specially the prime ink brush work.

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I like how you used red to accent your detailed piece. It really creates movement throughout your composition. Well, executed!
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Alla detaljerna är ju fantastiska!
Fina ben! Jag tycker ben är svåra att få bra!
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yeah! it´s beautifulllll
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Hello :wave:
You have been featured in my weekly dA love for everyone! article.
Have a nice day :huggle:
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splendid! One of my all time favorites, please keep it up!
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I could look at your work forever ♥
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yes! i love your style! great work!
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awesome as usual!!
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Very interesting.
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Beautifully cluttered! This is amazing!
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Man, I love your style.
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Very good...and I can see the "getting wasted"feeling looking at the painting. Being older myself, and "experimenting" if you will... there is a feeling when you've done something new so to speak...that has you racing with that helpless feeling you just might stay that way! Just looking at your painting brought out those nearly forgotten feelings so...dude...EXCELLENT WORK! and a Big AT-A BOy from me.
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Thanks SteelChuck!
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Fantastic work!!!!
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this.is absolutely amazing.
i wish i had your brain! D:
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