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Here's a listing of some different commission options, and the pricing...

Custom sketch cards  $10-25 plus shipping
(2.5x3.5" original with marker colors)
PSC Indiana Jones ATKOTCS by jasinmartin PersonalSketchCard WOLVERINE 2 by jasinmartin PSC Death Proof LEE by jasinmartin

Single character pencils $20
(add $5 for marker tones)
SKETCH old school Storm by jasinmartin Leia Star Wars Princess SKETCH by jasinmartin

Full body pencils $30
(add $5 for marker tones)
SKETCH Lara Croft Tomb Raider by jasinmartin SKETCH Cherry Darling by jasinmartin COMISH OMAC by jasinmartin

Character with digital colors $40 and up

Slave Leia by jasinmartin COMISH Nara from Dead at 17 by jasinmartin SUB ART Andrea the Android by jasinmartin

More detailed pencils (backgrounds, multiple characters etc) note for pricing
(below samples of $75ea)
Ghost in the Shell Major w Tac by jasinmartin Daisy Duke + General Lee lines by jasinmartin

More detailed piece with colors, again, note for pricing
(below samples of $150ea)
DEATH PROOF girls by jasinmartin Transformers movie Bumblebee by jasinmartin Ghost in the Shell w Tac COLOR by jasinmartin CLOVERFIELD fan art by jasinmartin

Payments via PayPal
ID -

Commissions are for high res file (except sketch cards), if you'd like the originals, those are half the price again, plus shipping.

Please feel free to note or email with any questions. :)
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I would totally commission you...that is...if I had any money >_<;;

I'm begging for commissions too D<