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Game of Thrones SEASON ONE CAST

Here's the finished full cast fan art for season one of GAME OF THRONES...

14+ characters - (left to right) The Lannisters, The Starks, and the Targaryens/Dothraki

Lannisters: Tyrion, Jaime, King Robert (Baratheon), Cersei, Joffrey
Starks: Robb, Sansa, Eddard ("Ned"), Arya, Catelyn, Bran, Jon (Snow)
Targaryens: Khal (Drogo), Daenerys, Viserys (golden crown)

This was a lot of work, but also very fun, and it's great to see people's reactions at shows in person (and now online)!

When I started this, I thought it'd be cool to update it and create a new one for each season, but now that the ravishing season two is coming to a close... it's a rather daunting task to consider again...(and I'd also like to do one for Walking Dead)... so we'll see. :)

You can see some of the cast/characters individually too... [link]

Prints of this work are also available from my store: [link]

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Where is Rickon Stark? He is the youngest son and last born child? Robb, Jon, Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Rickon??? The 5 Stark Children and Jon Snow the bastard! And no he did not die in the Game of Thrones series! At least not yet.…
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spoiler alert
half of them is dead :P marvelous picture tho :D
Saliona93's avatar
Haha, amazing! I love your style :)
Istriel's avatar
AHaha Viserys ! XD
Amazing! But you forgot Rickon!
KatherineFan324's avatar
Like the added touch of Viserys being "crowned"

Cheered during that part.
indhi's avatar
The lions are protecting the stag! The Irony!
JiffyOwl's avatar
Is it a bad thing that Viserys in the corner with his "golden crown" made me laugh?
LazyEyedNinja's avatar
Love how Viserys makes a tiny appearance in the coner.
CMPunk43414's avatar
Looks absolutely amazing!
garrison12795's avatar
This looks amazing! I'd love to see your take on the characters in seasons 2 and 3!
EquusAustralia's avatar
I want Khal Drogo back D:
schizoknight12's avatar
Ahh, the good ol' days when Jaime still had his right hand and the Stark family were all still very much alive.  :)
Chtoxx's avatar

Where's Rickon ?

schizoknight12's avatar
Good job with Viserys. Lol
Neosantana's avatar
Nice touch with Viserys! :D
Yavanna89's avatar
kingsnowmonkey's avatar
Hahahaha Viserys in the corner, priceless
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