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You didn't think I was going to reveal the "creature" did you?!?

Saw Cloverfield yesterday, and man, what a cool thrill ride of a movie, deftly weaving many great inspirations together, while turning the giant monster movie on it ear and showing it from a new, and awesome perspective.

I was so pumped after the movie, I had to start a fan art...

Here's the cast in a street confrontation with the monster!!
(From left - Hud, Lilly, Rob, and Beth)

If you dig the movie, check out my blog for more of my thoughts, pics, and links [link] :D

Hope you dig it!

(This also kind of makes a nice companion piece to my Death Proof fan art [link])
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Cool work!

If you've got time or inclination, Radical Publishing is running an art contest; there's info about it on our dA page or at this link: [link]

The deadline's tomorrow, but we hope you'll consider submitting! Thanks!
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Catch the FX Movies World Premiere Tuesday Night
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LOL everyone's shocked and he's holding a camera XD
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Great artwork of the humans.
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Wow! Cool action shot!
Aww. Where's your Marlena!
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I drew it, I got to pick the cast in the shot! :D
(Marlena's dead!) ;)
I know... Sigh. She was my favorite because she went with them anyway. Then she died. I probably would have run away screaming.
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You gave Lilly some sex thighs
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Ha ha!
You found the subliminal text buried beneath the shading on her thighs... ;)
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I likey thick cartoon chicks
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nice Cloverfied rules!!!!! *takes picture home and dances like a drug addict*
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Say wha now?!?
You crazy :)
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I'm not...I'm high -_______________-
jasinmartin's avatar
You really shouldn't surf an... Oh wait a minute... what am I thinking... ;)
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That's a really sweet-ass style! I'm glad to see some decent fanart of the cast! Not just decent, but waaaaay past that. This is hardcore. : D

... and you have the same name as my high school choir director/guitar teacher.

Anyway, awesome job!
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Thanks for the words, glad you enjoyed it!

And, get busy with that guitar, quit slacking!! Practice practice! ;)
real-faker's avatar
Oh, no problem!

And I will!
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do you get to see lots of the monsters, because i hate films whre you dont get aliens or monsters, just a bunch of Thespians running around lol.

good piccy mate
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Trust me, you'll hate it ;)
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thankgod i havent gone to see it then :)
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