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Welp I haven't online for awhile cause of school and now it's taking all my time since this is my last year of high school before I graduate. So yeah all the teachers (Some of them) gone *GOTTA GO FAST* so I hardly keep up to what they are teaching, they even put a tons of pressure on the students to make sure all the student graduate (Cause if they don't the teacher will have a cup of tea in the principal office as in getting trouble for making the student fail fi that's what I heard). Now I'm struggle with their fast pace and harsh teaching, I almost gone to the hospital cause I study too much lead to mental tiredness and I barely have free time at all with their craps. So yeah, this journal only to tell you guys I'm still here and the commissions might go a little longer, sorry that you guys have to wait too long 🙇🙇🙇
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The tittle said it XD
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Nowadays, I've been clueless on what to do or what have to do after Summer Break start. I even have a hard time on finding motivation on commissions, making animations, so for all the requesters out there. I'm sorry for stalling so long on your commissions, but I will try to finish up each one of them as I can.

Thank you for reading this.
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Welp I need to focuses on the exams so I won't be spriting until next week, so all the commissions will be on hold till next week. Hope you guys understand for all the nonsenses the school put me in.
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Welp I finally open an Commission and 10 points for 1 OC but don't expect too much I'm still in training and don't rush me on spriting.
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Check it out…
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Jase The Hedgehog
Real name: Unidentified
Nick Name: The Blue Dragon *Used to be call the reincarnate of Sonic but after awhile it change base on my new Dragon Slaying Power*
Powers: Storm Dragon (God) Slayer, Wind Manipulation, Descended God's Powers (The Unknown Gods like Yato).
Forms: Dark Form, Darkspine, Full Powered Darkspine *7 World Rings collected*, Chara-Jase, Full Genocide Chara-Jase, Rage Mode, Burst Mode, Dragon Force, Dragon God Slayer Mode, Jase The God of Calamity, Half Demon Dragon Mode, Ultimate Form (Strongest).
Old (Ascended to the one above) Forms: Super Fase 1-2-3, Hyper Fase 1-2-3, Pacifist Jase, Fase 4, Super God (Red), Super God Super (Blue), Juggernaut Drive, Balance Breaker Scale Male.
Weaknesses: Being flirting (seducing) by girls *why not XD*, Anger issues.
Age: 18
Personality: Calm, Straight , Honest, Care about people, Anti-hero *after the 2 years incident* *Used to be an ironic, funny, energetic person*
Hobbies: Nothing
Favorite foods: Burgers
Dislikes: Clown, anyone who ticks me off.
Family: Uncle Tails, Akeno, Toriel, Chara, Asriel, Alphys, Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Asgore, Professor Gaster, Etherious *used to be enemy and my original self but everyone see us as siblings (cuz we look alike) so I considered him as an Older Brother*.
Bio: I was born in a different world, where everything is opposite to the current one. Being hate from everybody at my world, I walk to the wrong path and defeated Izanagi *His Fase 3* by using the power I stole from a Devil. Izanagi spilt me and Etherious and seal him inside me as the transformation call *Juggernaut Drive* then he turn me into a baby so that power will be suspend, including all my previous memories at the other world and put me in the Eternal Crystal, but it won't last long. After Sonic and Shadow defeated him and becoming a legend, Izanagi realized I can't be lock forever, so he left me with Uncle Tails. He raised me for 16 years and teach me everything he know with a little help of President Robotnik *Eggman decided to be a good person and gain all the peoples trust*, then I've met my first rival and a friend you can say we're frienemy. We always compete with each other on on, but after awhile we found out about our power and we use it to help people like Vic, John and other heroes, we even face the enemy that has been seal away by Sonic years ago before encounter Izanagi name him self Demonic The Devilhog. He used to be apart of Sonic transformation but seal away duel to his chaotic actions, we even found out a new power during the fight with him, I suddenly have the power to become a Giant Armored Dragonoid with unimaginable power and the power of the Chaos Emeralds allow us to access the Super Form, we maybe have the Super Form but it's not enough to stop him so we seal him off once again. From that fight, we being call The reincarnate of Sonic & Shadow cause our look and power are much alike them, Jack decided to leave Mobius so that he can learn more about his power and his past while me I still sticking around to keep everything in check. 2 months later, Izanagi came to testing me if I can fight to protect everyone so he try to threatening me he will destroy the planet if I don't fight him, the fight was intense but I manage to survive then I woke up he asked me to join this new group of hero call Team Zenkai call short as Team Z and I accept. After joining Team Z I have a lot of fun, we gone through many adventures, we make new friends, have new powers and even fighting strong enemies. Until the last mission of Team Z when we've been stuck in other dimensions in order to stop our enemies that causing chaos in there, I got send to the world call Fairy Tail to defeat Demonic and I was the victor, I also met the Fire Dragon Slayer along with the other 2 Dragon Slayer and his partners. He teach me about the Dragon Slayer power, the name speak to it power, it have the power to slay a Dragon but it will also came in handy to fight a God and a God Slayer as well, I became a Storm Dragon Slayer and awaken the Dragon Force, the form help the user increase their abilities and create new attacks, when we successfully came back to our world, everything has been demolished by Giratina. We use all the new powers we have learn from the other dimensions we encounter to fight Giratina with all our might, but...Jenny... the person I used to love and care about... sacrifice to save me from his attack... At the end, everybody off fight him outrageously, she said she still want to spend some time with me and want to see me grow up, then she told me: "If in the future or later... when you have the chance to revive a life... Please... promise me that... don't do it to me... I don't want to become your burden and I'm sorry to leaving you again... I was really sad that my parents set the engagement for me behind my back... I really sorry to leave you before... I don t want to make you sad, I don't want to leave you... as your senior to let you suffer this kind of thing... is all my fault... I was happy that it was you who I felt in love with... But now... I can only see you in heaven... I can imagine how much you have grown and how much stronger you have become... so remember this... no matter what... you... always... have to... fight... to protect... those... who... you care... about... promise me... Jase... promise me... *faint* ". After her last word, my mind was full of rage, my emotions want to explode, by that I awaken the Dark Form and use it to fight Giratina and kill him with the Dark Dragon Fist. When the fight is over, I left Team Z and meet Akeno, she is a Half Fallen Angel Half Devil and also the princess of the Fallen Angel, her dad is the Fallen Angel and her mother is a devil, she was running away cause of the engagement of the Devil high class family, Phoenix. I keep fighting to protect her, stop the engagement and unlock a Forbidden Hurricane form call Balance Breaker Scale Male, it also have the power of the Dragon but in exchange I have to give my right arm to the Dragon, this form can only last 10 minutes duel to my injuries from the previous fight that Raizer cheated by stabbing behind my back. The fight was chaotic, I demolished the field with this new overwhelming power and in the end I still the victor and Akeno asked my family to came live with me. Then later on, there are many enemies I've encounter ever since I left Team Z, Flame and Cyber came to visit me to ask me train them to become a Dragon Slayer and I accept, they successfully become a Dragon Slayer and we even have to fight a God of Destruction then some how we defeated him, I ask them to deliver the message to the Team Z members : "After 2 years, 5 days. We will be reunited again to stop the next danger awaited us in the future!". As the message has spread out to them, they begin to train and suddenly the Chaos Beasts came tell me to come with them so I could be train by them, I take my leave and train with them to become stronger, before I left Akeno gave me a *Blue Scarf* but it actually a *Sacred Sword* name Ryuki, it can only be wield by a Dragon. While I was at the God Realm for a year the Beasts tell me to go to the God Academy, I kinda surprised that they even have academy for Gods, so I accept and learn a few things about Gods even know Akeno is in that academy too *Still surprised that her family related to Gods* and I have the chance fight a lot of strong opponents, I beaten the strongest person I the academy Touka of The Thunder Goddess with her Raikiri. The academy asked me to join the God Tournament in the later on some day with some of my new partners I've met in there: The Flaming Goddess Stella, The Water Goddess Shizuku, The Scarlet Slasher Ayatsuji *Her weapon is red not her* and the Lighting Goddess Touka. So I will be partner up with these Goddesses when that tournament is happen but the time for my training is over the time to reunited with my old partners, after we reunited many things already happen by that time and then the fight with myself is finally come. After a few months, there was an invasion of unknown enemies they said something about finding a demon, we try to gather the civilians to get to safety while I found Akeno and those invaders take chance to use some chant on me and the one was seal away inside me has awaken, he call himself Etherious The Demonhog, he kill all the invaders and cause demise on everything he see. Jack even return with his new power, The Devil Slayer Team Z learn that Etherious was my original self and Blitz & Eclipse remember the story of the first person ever beat Izanagi in his Fase 3, while the Team is out there trying to fight back, I starting to gain all the memories that I've lost a long time ago. After Team Z found a way to separate me from him again, we begin our most toughest fight against Etherious, I use the same transformation I use in the fight with him and Izanagi back then call Ultimate Form, this is a combination of all my transformations into one became my strongest form. The fight still keep going but we still can't stand a chance against him since he keep stronger every time we fight (Yes I know is Goku Black reference), so me and Etherious create a attack that turn into a black sphere when we clash, when we're inside of it Etherious tell me about why he doing this and why he hate humanity so much, I try to convince him about the different between then and now. But he refuse to listen and try to insulting me, imitating me, he said every bad thing to force me to kill him, but just like him. I refuse to listen and confront him that he is not alone anymore, after we get out the sphere, Etherious admitted his mistake to everyone explain everything. Everyone understand for him from what he has been through so they forgive him and since he don't have anywhere to stay, I asked him to stay at my place and my family approved. Tho, in spite of us looking alike to each other like siblings so I let Etherious be my Older Brother, everything was back to it peace but me and Team Z still have a lot of dangers ahead of us, I still continue this crazy adventure with them. Etherious pay a visit to Izanagi place and siad: "Well looks like lose to this bet. If you have come to fight me, I would have lost to you since your power is infinite.". My adventure with Team Z never stop, it may have some situations we must face but we will still keep standing strong move forward.
P.S: Yes, I sound like a big idiot so mock me all you want cause I deserve it. 
This kid has been stealing a lot of sprites and never give credit to the owners of it. He has recolor :iconjohnthebaratrian: and :iconshadiccz: FC and claim as his own, here are some proofs… and… for this video he plan on recolor John's OC. For everyone out there better be careful with this kid, he'll say something stupid meaningless cause he can't speak English.
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I just found out a hole in DBS EP 66 when Gowasu said that *Those who are not Supreme Kai can only fuse for 1 hour* and I remember this scene in DBZ the old witch that fused with the Old Kai is NOT a Supreme Kai so Toriyama just screw himself up.
Here's the video:…
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Everyone can ask me anything and I'll answer it but only a few of them.
P.S: I'm too bored so I decided to do this XD.
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I have discover the app that can help people to create sprites. Since all of you have seen my sprites, it actually made on phone. Here is the app, I save it on my Google Drive because this is the best version for spriting, update it then you can't make sprites.…
For recoloring sprites or remove background, I recommend use Adobe Photoshop Touch. You can find it on Aptoid (or something like it cause I don't remember it name XD).
I will upload a instruction for spriting with Image Editor in the next journal.
So this is all now, later ;)