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Four Seasons Japan

Japan is well known for its electronics and manga and perversity..
But nobody really thinks of Japan as being a country with beautiful landscapes.
In this image I tried to make something that could show people just how gorgeous Japan really is every day of the year.
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People say japan wouldn't be as awesome as it is today if America rebuilt Japan's economy, but in actuality Japan used America as a stepping stone and did everything America could do but much, much better. After all, American made things just break so who cares about America? I don't and I have the displeasure of living there. Honestly rebuilding japan's economy is America's only purpose and the only reason the Japanese economy is stagnating is because America did a shit job rebuilding the Japanese economy like they do everything else, thank God japan can still recover thanks to their impact on pop culture, not to mention how stupid and easy to take advantage the Americans are.

Hello, my name is Ryan Keith, I was wondering if I could use this photo in a poster for MHCC Japanese club?
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very cool! amazing...
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4 seasons :) cool
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that is very awesome!
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I actually have a different view. I actually look more at the landscape and seasons and people and culture.
And I'm absolutely in love with it. :)

good job here :)
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can I use ur photo in video?
Its video about Japan
And ofcourse im going to out ur name there and ur link too. ^^
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Hi Elfrosario! Thanks for asking!
I am happy to let you use my photo.
(Which one by the way?)
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this is amazinggg.
how did you combine the different images? do you think you could tell me?
coz i think i will do something like this for my year 12 art prac for the end of the year but i have no idea how to combine images like that.
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I do agree with you.. :)
Japas is a very beautifull country... Wish I could go there sometime...
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makes it seem how dull and polluted our seasons are in Britain. Summer is the only season that stands out, for it is hotter, but the sky is still paved gray
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a very true concept and i ncie way to see japan for it's culture and environmental beauty
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O.O! I love it!! *0*
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I agree with you, Japan Landscapes are gorgeous.
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The fall-winter combination is so nicely done..really like this one :) even though the colors are a bit to amg...powerful? would have been even better with a softer light but still i love it :D
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Thanks for commenting, Black Delphin.
The colours in fact are hardly pushed at all. The photo of the lake for example, it's really this colour in real life. It's amazing!
If you do a search for "Lake Shinji" on Google you'll see what I mean!

I really want to make a new version of this pic, just because this one is so old, and I am much better now at Photoshop (^_^)
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How...i looked it up and it's really wonderful...hope to see such a wonderful view soon :D
Also I'm curious how your new version will turn out...hope you'll make it soon.
Ps.3jears&1/2...reaally curious ^^
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Nice! I love this picture.
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i love this!! you did such an excellent job and i feel you definitely caught the essence of Japan's seasons in it!! :D

i totally agree with you about people not appreciating Japan's gorgeous landscapes. i'm glad you made this and i hope it shows more people that there is more to Japan than manga and electronics!! :XD:
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Wow, thank you for such a lovely comment! Do you live here too?
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