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Four Seasons Japan



Japan is well known for its electronics and manga and perversity..
But nobody really thinks of Japan as being a country with beautiful landscapes.
In this image I tried to make something that could show people just how gorgeous Japan really is every day of the year.
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People say japan wouldn't be as awesome as it is today if America rebuilt Japan's economy, but in actuality Japan used America as a stepping stone and did everything America could do but much, much better. After all, American made things just break so who cares about America? I don't and I have the displeasure of living there. Honestly rebuilding japan's economy is America's only purpose and the only reason the Japanese economy is stagnating is because America did a shit job rebuilding the Japanese economy like they do everything else, thank God japan can still recover thanks to their impact on pop culture, not to mention how stupid and easy to take advantage the Americans are.