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22' Widescreen LCD by jaryth000 22' Widescreen LCD by jaryth000
So... I got so incredibly board today.... that I would do anything to be able to do anything... XD. I had access to TONS of stuff.... GoW that just came out on PSP.... tons of PS2 games (and other PSP games)... Computer games (TF2, B&W2, Crysis) and tons of programs (PS:CS3, C4D, Premier Pro)... but... none of it was interesting at the time....
So I was looking on Google for something to model (Turns up Image Searching the term 'objects' comes up with poor modeling results...)... when I looked around... and thought... why not model this? (this being my desk and the objects there on).

So.... I set out to do that.

I started by just grabbing up C4D and randomly attempting to model my monitor sitting in front of me. Yeah. that failed. Looked like crap. Totally out of proportion... everything. So... I thought... why not do it the right way?

So, I photographed everything on my desk. Then, grabbed out a ruler, and measured everything. Put it all in a Spread Sheet, and started out again.
And this is what I ended up with! (For the monitor at least)

Im impressed by how it turned out for the most part. And probably THE most impressive part is the render time, that kinda shocked me... HDRI lighting, with Global Illumination, Standard, 96% accuracy, Best AA, 1400x1050....... took like 2 mins... :S. Well Im not complaining!

If you want to compare it to the actual monitor its self, I uploaded it to my scraps, here:

So? How is it?
Fabrazz Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thats amazing! I thought this was a picture until I read your description.
jaryth000 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009
lol, thanks. I worked hard on it.
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March 7, 2008
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