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Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Comics
Skin of choice: White
Favourite cartoon character: Fone Bone
Personal Quote: A friend in need, is a pest indeed.

Favourite Visual Artist
Marc Davis
Favourite Movies
The Black Hole
Favourite TV Shows
The Prisoner 1968/2009, Doctor Who, Sherlock
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Huey Lewis
Favourite Writers
Philip Reeve, Rudyard Kipling
Favourite Games
Angry Birds
Other Interests
Writing, women, drawing
Due to recent changes in the sites rules, as well as certain accounts being removed or fined due to vore related artwork, I've decided to not post anymore artwork on The Maneater comic I'm planning on doing. Most of the artwork has been removed to prevent my account from getting banned. I know it's not as big or popular as other accounts, but I don't have anywhere else to publish my art, and would rather play safe than sorry. If anything ever does come of the comic, I will find a place to post it and share a link when it does eventually come together. As for the artwork I took down, I won't be reposting it on here for the time being.
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So a little while back TheBlackSunKing posted an art piece of Jinmay, a character from the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! TV series from 2004. A comment I noticed was him mentioning how the character was given the last name Rayfield. For those unfamiliar with the show, both her and the main character, Chiro, are only referred to by their first names, never identified with a last one within the show or in the end credits of each episode. Looking into it, the name appeared to be from the Disney fandom wiki pages. Okay, so someone edited the page and added on a fake name. Whatever, right? Well I accidentally highlighted the link to Chiro's wiki page, and noticed he was given a last name as well: Takashi. Huh, odd, but whatever. There's no other areas online that these names show up anywhere else. ...which lead me to a Tumblr post that got more confusing. Someone else did some deep diving into this, and saw that someone went into the Wikipedia pages of voice actors
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Been playing around with some logo and character designs. Thought it wouldn't hurt to share.
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I'm creating a cartoon. It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters that no one remembers from media going on wacky and crazy adventures.

Oh nice 👍🙂

Thank you! Right now, I'm just looking for forgotten and obscure characters to put in the show I'm making. Do you have any suggestions for forgotten characters you would like to see in the show?

Hmm, nothing I can think of at this exact moment

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Depends on the request you're wanting.