So, I'm still terrible at navigating DA. I was never good at it to begin with but now it's even harder for me after Eclipse was FORCED on us. I'm trying to find a way to condense some of my older folders so people, and myself, won't have to scroll for days. Also, I'm just confused, or dumb, with how some of the features work now. :ashamed:

Deviation Actions

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First locate the folder you wish to add things to.

Then, Click the 'Edit' button. As shown in the below illustration circled in red:

Untitled.png c

Next, Click "Add Deviation" , as shown circled in red, below

Untitled.png d

And another menu should open giving you options to every folder you have in your gallery. Simply click whatever folder interests you and locate the work or multiple works you want by clicking them; and when finished Don't forget to click 'Save', or the action won't take.

Don't feel stupid. Eclipse has everyone confused. (and sloooowed down something awful! )

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask. If I can help I surely will, no problem.