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My Tarot is Done


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My Tarot is Done


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My Tarot is Done

Writing 2020+

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Neptune Beware

Writing 2019

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Awakened by Venus

Ethereal children in dormancy lie,    basking in the warmth of Venus' love. They set ablaze and awaken from death;    piercing the darkness with a cosmic array. -JOP-

Writing 2018-Early 2019

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Dolls and Puppets

I live in a world of dolls and puppets. Lifeless beings that are lacking in passion. These people hear not the joyous trumpets. Naught acknowledged but empty in fashion. These dolls roam about like empty shells While the puppets act as if held by strings. I dare not imagine personal hells, Nor wish to dream of these nightmarish things. What damage is done to these people so? What enigma exists leeching their life? I am distressed from these thoughts of woe And now I’m confused, my heart filled with strife. I hope that someday their souls will return Or else I'll lose mine and forever yearn. -JOP-

College Writing

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BNHA OC| The Steam Hero: Brazen Bull

Basic Information Name: Mako Kyne (Mah-Koh Kai-n) Hero Name: Brazen Bull Personal Description Birthday: 2 May Star Sign: Taurus Age: 16 Gender: Male Height: 170cm (5’7”) Weight: 70kg (155lbs) Blood Type: O Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Quirk: Thermoregular Augmentation Status Status: Alive Birthplace: United States Affiliation: West Coast Hero Academy (US.), Transfer Student to U.A. High (JAP.) Family: Father: Marko Kyne Quirk: Thermal Expansion – Marko can increase the size of his body by absorbing heat. Doing so temporarily increases his physical strength. This quirk also makes him fireproof. Profession: Construction Worker/Welder Mother: Alisa Kyne Quirk: Environmental Regulation – When in a closed environment, Alisa can manipulate the environmental conditions such as raising and lowering the temperature of a room. Profession: Yoga Instructor Younger Sister: Alaina Kyne Quirk: Thermal Redirection – Alaina can manipulate the direction and flow of heat.


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To Kiss Her

To kiss her hand. To kiss her shoulder. To kiss her lips, as I hold her. To feel her warmth. To embrace her tight. To come home to her every night. To dream together. To express love. To live freely, like a dove. To run away. To be alive. To be the best, for her I strive. -JOP-

High School Through Early College Writing

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The Flame that Kindles in Me

The flame of love that burns in me Is hidden but easy to see. Just look inside It will not hide. It burns so free For you to see. A love long waiting. Through time it’s been fading. But now, with you, This should be true. Love to last. No more failures of the past. A new future in store. Where time will not waste. When it’s you I adore As I gaze upon your face. You’re like none from before. You’ll fill the empty space. Thoughts of you, kindle the fire. Your presence pleases. You fuel my desire. Time difficultly appeases But still will burn the fire. -JOP-

5th Grade - Middle School Writing

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Hunter x Hunter OC|Joran Tyr

Current Work in Progress. I have been working on him for a while now but need to create a proper story and clean up a lot of other details. █ Character Introduction Name: Joran Tyr, Jorr        (Jor-ahn Teer) Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 10 (Orphaned), 21 (Black Thorn Betrayal), 23 (Hunter Exam) Height: 170 cm (5’7”) Weight: 79.4 kg (175 lbs) Birthday: March 16th   Hair Color/Style: Black/Short Eye Color: Black █ PROFESSIONAL STATUS Status: Active Relative(s): Unknown Due to Wiped Memory Affiliation: Aiden Reynolds (Mentor), Hunter Association (Former Affiliation: Black Thorn (Mercenary Team)) Occupatio

HxH Fan Fiction Imagery and World Building

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Sabito and Makomo


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Dathomirian Lightsaber 3 No Color


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Rooted Vision

Monsters of My Mind

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