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HxH Fan Fiction The Zodiacs by jarsh73pettry HxH Fan Fiction The Zodiacs :iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 5 0
HxH OCs| The Zodiacs
Concept Link: 

Name: (Rat) Sylvester Rolonov                       Age: 42
Height: 6’2”                Weight: 205lbs           Build: Lean Muscular
Hair/Eye Color: Gray/Unknown
Distinguishing Feature(s): Seemingly Closed Eyes?
Sylvester is very intimidating with a naturally dark presence. He always appears cheerful which only makes him appear more intimidating. He is a very dark person and is seemingly heartless and cruel. Sylvester enjoys toying with people to the point of torturing them. He is the least trusted member of the Zodiacs
Skills and Abilities
As a Zodiac, Sylvester’s authority is inferior to that of the Chairman. He
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 0 0
The Fire in Spring [Tanka]
Your beautiful smile
and your soft, comforting voice
fill my mind and soul.
Desire burns within my heart
and I long to earn your love.
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 0 0
HxH OC| Josh
General Information
Name: Josh        Age: 23 (as of the Hunter Exam)
Height: 5’7”       Weight: 190lbs        Build: Muscular
Hair/Eye Color: Black/Brown           Distinguishing Feature(s): Tan Skin, Scarred Knuckles
Family: Jr. (Father/Unknown), D. (Mother/Unknown), Other family members assumed deceased
Romantic Interest: Emy Ryoko
Allies: Aiden Reynolds (Mentor), Griff Orlaff (Companion), Emy Ryoko (Companion), Clara Triste (Companion), Hunter Association Class 589, Hunter Association Chairman, Vice Chairman, Advisors (Zodiacs)
Josh is a young man with a muscular build. He has short black hair, brown eyes, light tan skin, and scars on his knuckles from trainin
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 2 0
Awakened by Venus
Ethereal children in dormancy lie,
    basking in the warmth of Venus' love.
They set ablaze and awaken from death;
    piercing the darkness with a cosmic array.
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 1 0
They walk within an enclosed world
With paths dictated by necessity
Free spirits who have no freedom
Born enslaved to a system
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 0 0
Chivalry of a Failed Knight OC
Name: Jace Mike (Jay-Se Mi-Kay)
The Demon of Hagun Academy
Age: 18
Hair Color:
Eye Color: 
Jace is a young man of average height with a somewhat stocky, muscular frame. He has short black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Jace has scars on his left arm and a black band on his right wrist. He wears the Hagun Academy uniform with a loose tie and red sneakers. He never buttons his jacket.
Jace is quiet and aloof. He is very intuitive and is always alert, observing everyone and everything around him. Because of this he is easily irritated. Usually he avoids conflicts and rarely reacts aggressively except with Nene w
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 5 1
Nene Saikyo Light Novel Collage by jarsh73pettry Nene Saikyo Light Novel Collage :iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 2 0 Nene Saikyo Color Collage by jarsh73pettry Nene Saikyo Color Collage :iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 1 0 Nene Saikyo by jarsh73pettry Nene Saikyo :iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 5 0 Chai am here! by jarsh73pettry Chai am here! :iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 0 0
The distance is torture.
I want to be there.
I miss you, I want you,
Without you I'm bare.
Exposed and weak.
Sad and alone.
You are what I seek,
You are my heart's home.
Separation and pain.
Discussion and joy.
Please don't mistake
My heart for a toy.
My wish is to be
Somewhere with you.
Anything together,
Forever us two.
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 1 0
Back Into the Forest
Back into the forest, I'll go.
To places and people, I do not know.
Time and space will cease to exist,
As I traverse through the trees, fog, and mist.
New journeys and paths to lie ahead.
To friends, adventure, and breaking of bread.
The time has come to go once again, 
Recording my life with paper and pen.
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 1 0
Favorite Coffee Cup
Oh glass, oh cup
You holder of drink
How much I do miss you
In the times that I think
Once favored and loved
Now broken and gone
No warmth to meet me
At tomorrow's dawn
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 0 0
Lost Wolf in the Forest
        My view is clouded.
        My mind is in mist.
        The world is so crowded
        that I’ve become missed.
                My feelings betray
                and my logic is wrong.
                I pushed you away
                with feelings too strong.
        The dark overflows.
        The guilt is too deep.
        I listen to crows
        and follow the sheep.
                I fall and I stumble,
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 1 0
The Fox Hunt
The hound forever in constant pursuit
Chases the ever elusive fox.
To hope and to strength, the hound will recruit
As he closes in with other flocks.
Order maintained by huntsmen and whips
Bind the foxhound to tormented trips.
The Master controls the hunt as a whole.
He rules over the competition.
The hounds and terriers share the same goal
To catch the she-fox in completion.
The hunt has to end with goal in mind.
Or else the hound will be left behind.
The hound that strays from the path will be dead.
The fox escapes and the goal is lost.
The foxhound with focus remaining red
Is the one hound that deserves her most.
The hunt will end when the fox is found
Captured by the one deserving hound.
:iconjarsh73pettry:jarsh73pettry 0 0


[C] TheRedCrane by firiitan [C] TheRedCrane :iconfiriitan:firiitan 16 4 [C] Goldensparklez by firiitan [C] Goldensparklez :iconfiriitan:firiitan 15 2 Prayer by firiitan Prayer :iconfiriitan:firiitan 19 0 Yan-chan by firiitan Yan-chan :iconfiriitan:firiitan 25 0 [c] Estarath by firiitan [c] Estarath :iconfiriitan:firiitan 184 7 VirtualxReality by MilkPuzzle VirtualxReality :iconmilkpuzzle:MilkPuzzle 85 1 Sumimasen by Oha Sumimasen :iconoha:Oha 420 32 Sunny day in Tokyo [Vulpix] by Oha Sunny day in Tokyo [Vulpix] :iconoha:Oha 886 62 New Oc? by Qsan90 New Oc? :iconqsan90:Qsan90 199 36 SC62: Delicate grace by Qsan90 SC62: Delicate grace :iconqsan90:Qsan90 166 14 SC73: Ezili and Fay by Qsan90 SC73: Ezili and Fay :iconqsan90:Qsan90 154 8 showdown by dead-robot showdown :icondead-robot:dead-robot 83 18 Soba by dead-robot Soba :icondead-robot:dead-robot 116 11 AA: Appdate - Elise by taiwonton AA: Appdate - Elise :icontaiwonton:taiwonton 38 3 Stock 348 Joan of Arc Monument by Einheit00 Stock 348 Joan of Arc Monument :iconeinheit00:Einheit00 51 1 AA: Tired by taiwonton AA: Tired :icontaiwonton:taiwonton 139 5



jarsh73pettry's Profile Picture
Jat'aran Ad'ijaat
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I write, doodle draw, make collages, and dabble in photography... kind of.

I use a rule of 3 when it comes to watching others. If I like 3 or more of your deviations I will follow you.
Top 5 Favorite Anime Series (Currently)
  1. Spice and Wolf (I'm in love with this series and am trying to get the Light Novel)
  2. Hunter x Hunter (Current Obsession)
  3. My Hero Academia (Where will this continue to go/grow?!)
  4. Rurouni Kenshin (So much Nostalgia, This was the anime that opened the door for me)
  5. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Barbatos Lupus Rex!)
Wild Card(s): Attack on Titan
  Black Clover

I have a favorites list that is 80 series strong

Top 5 Favorite Anime Movies (Currently)
  1. The Garden of Words (Emotional and Beautiful Animation)
  2. The Wolf Children (Wolves!)
  3. Princess Mononoke (Wolves! Princess Mononoke! Studio Ghibli!)
  4. K-On!! The Movie 
  5. Tamako Love Story (Way better than the series Tamako Market)
Wild Card(s): Anything Studio Ghibli
  Spirited Away
Favorite Genre
Originally Shounen, but I'm starting to really like Slice of Life and I'm a sucker for some Romances

Currently Watching
Karakai Jouzou no Takagi San
Goblin Slayer

Dragon Ball Super
Attack on Titan S3
Hunter x Hunter
Black Clover
Naruto Shippuden

Soon to Watch/Start Watching
Hyouka (?)
Gosick (?)
Spice and Wolf (Re-Watch)
Your Name (Movie)
A Silent Voice (If I can get it)

I'm not really a reader, but I'm trying to get all of the volumes of the Spice and Wolf Light Novel. The Anime only has 2 seasons and I believe they only cover about the first 4 Volumes?
I'm going to read the Chivalry of a Failed Knight series. There was only one season for the Anime and I want more of the story.
If I get my hands on Akame Ga Kill's Manga I'll read that, the Anime was good but ended abruptly
I may have to get the HxH Manga

Favorite Anime Characters
Males - Anime
  1. Prince Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z/Super (All Hail the Prince of Saiyans)
  2. Lord Sesshomaru - Inuyasha (Wolf Demon/Almost Deity)
  3. Knuckle Bine - Hunter x Hunter ("I'm not crying you idiot! Don't tell anyone about this or I'll kill you!")
  4. Mikazuki Augus - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ("...Now I have so much, I can't hold it all.")
  5. McGillis Fareed - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ("...friendship, love, trust. Such soft-hearted emotions. Unfortunately they won't reach me for I have lived my life in anger for far too long.")
  6. Hisoka Morow - Hunter x Hunter (Crazy Killer Clown)
  7. Asta - Black Clover (Defies the World he lives in)
  8. Captain Yami - Black Clover (OP)
  9. Shinya Kogami - Psycho Pass (The system is wrong)
  10. Saito - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Watch the Episode: "Poker Face")
  11. Goblin Slayer - Goblin Slayer (Just the way he is)
Honorable Mentions: Alucard - Hellsing Ultimate (The Man in Red, OP)
  Makoto Shishio - Rurouni Kenshin (Survival of the Fittest)
Females - Anime
  1. Holo the Wise Wolf - Spice and Wolf (I absolutely love her, she is amazing, WOLF DIETY)
  2. Misao Makimachi - Rurouni Kenshin ("Who is this twerp Himura? She looks like a weasel")
  3. Mimosa Vermillion - Black Clover (Waifu)
  4. Sirius - My Hero Academia (<3)
  5. Mei Hatsume - My Hero Academia ("If you want to cool your legs, then why not run with your arms?")
  6. Princess Mononoke - Princess Mononoke (Wolf Princess!)
  7. Elma - Kobayashi San Chi no Maid Dragon (She deserves all the sweet bread she wants)
  8. Kanna-chan - Kobayashi San Chi no Maid Dragon (Head Pats for the Cute Dragon)
  9. Kyoko Sakura - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Share that Pocky!)
  10. Sasha Braus - Attack on Titan (Gotta love Potato Girl!)
  11. Hig Elf Archer - Goblin Slayer (Drunk Elf is a Cute Elf)
Honorable Mentions: Caulifla and I guess Kale - Dragon Ball Super (Power Houses, Female Saiyans)
  Azusa Nakano - K-On!! (Azunyan!)


Well, it is back to the drawing board. I'm not satisfied with my HxH Fan Fiction so I'm going to start from scratch on the world building and story.


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