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The Tomb King

By JarrodOwen
Here's a commission I've been working on intermittently over several months. I decided it would be my last private commission for some time, so I wanted to challenge myself with it. Mike, the client for this piece, is always full of good ideas and I'm sure I could spend hours more on this, but I feel it's at a good place to call it done.

The focus of this image is Mike's character Ptrameses, an undead Egyptian king who exists in the Warhammer universe.

"I remember a world, though it feels beyond a fade dream. 
A world of Kings, great and minor, who did great deeds and built greater monuments to them, so that they would live forever. 
Of an empire that was built under the eyes of honoured gods, stretching past imagination, bounty and wealth without measure. 
Coveted by barbarians, monsters, and beasts. Defended by blood, bronze, and the divine magics of death and light. 
Where the dead were given more lavish an existence than the living, the Gods reward for the harvest of life" 
A golden path, an existence as kings of eternity, a life without want in a heaven without end. 
I have woken from that dream, a dream which was a lie. There is no golden path, no beauty in eternal life. There is only the dead, and their ashes. 
Now my kingdom is my prison, its sands and ruins both my chains and my power. Taunted by the richness of the living that I long to touch again. 
Time has moved on, and all memories pass. 
Yet I will be remembered, I will be known. 
It will be through 'you' that I shall again walk this world..." 

- Ptrameses The living, Addressing Abdula Jaffree, Arabian Tomb Robber.

:happybounce:  Thanks for the DD! I really appreciate all of your feedback.
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Amazingly done!

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Hello, Master artist, I used your stunning art to illustrate some background text on our Ninth Age French Facebook page, giving you due credits of course ! (link :…)
The text in question is about the fall of the Naptesh empire.
The Ninth Age : Fantasy Battles is a community wargame project, 100% made by the work of dedicated volunteers. You can learn more about it on the website
We are always on the lookout for new artists to help us craft our new universe, would be really glad to see you join our team ! Thanks again for your amazing work !
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very good thank you !

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Well deserved Daily Deviation. A digital masterwork. You've lavished love and care upon it, building up to a stunning impression that pays off to investigate closer. Fantastic work! :)

Also, just in case of Warhammer-esque interest:…
Absolute skill! 
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what program do you draw
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This was a rough 3D base for the architecture created in Modo with the details and characters painted in Photoshop.
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Thanks, really glad you like it.
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Impressive work on your part.  :nod:  :painter:


:+fav:  :dance:
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My pleasure :dance: Thank you for the reply. :woohoo:
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Such an epic art! I love every detail from it!
And i like how that lion is chilling in the backgrond :D
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Great job on the drawing <3
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loved it, u are really good !
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Stunning work! Terrific atmosphere, and I love the attention to detail.
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Awesome image! That's a cool sword.
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Outstanding and Impressive.:D
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This so Cool...I look at Subject Matters: Dark Science I like it was nice...
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