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My Precious

A little idea that stuck me a few weeks ago. It's pretty roughly sketched, but I was lazy. Might move it to scraps, not sure. Very bad, lazy background... blah.

The bucket moves in every panel, hah, yes I'm not so good at strips - but they're fun to do.

Lineart drawn on paper, inked, then scanned into photoshop and colored.

Second page: [link]
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is he able to do the same with someone who puts their hands on jean?
Linx8489's avatar
its just a car scoot calm down
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*runs to Scott with a bucket full of jello with Toad* Scott! *sees him zap the bird* O.O nevermind *backs away*
LannaD's avatar
Do I smell a roasted pigeon:sneeze:?
LannaD's avatar
Let me get a plate, to catch him more easily.
abitheartist's avatar
*big cheesy grin* I love Scott, it's fun to torment him occasionally.
Hobotater's avatar
i would'nt have been surprised if that had happened
RenaRoo's avatar
Oh this is so funny :giggle:
Scott and his car is great - awesome work!
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lmao, i love that! Great job!
razzie27's avatar
That is just TOO cute!
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haha thats just awesome! he would totally do that!
Ruby-Moon507's avatar
AHAHAHAHA!! That is SO Scott, always obsessing over his red car... i think he has a thing for red, red shades red car... red hair of a certain red-head... XD omg... you might notice im faving alot of your stuff... thats cos i love the Evolution gang so just ignore the fangirl!
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
No prob - it's always nice to see another XME fan :)
FinaTeh92's avatar
I think Scott loves his car more than Lance loves his jeep. XP
JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Wow that's close, but probably true, lol.
Wolfos-Terrence's avatar
Hilarious XD Gotta love Scott.

...or, ya know..not...
ablinOpenbox's avatar
Ahhhhhh..! :rofl: Poor birdy...
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