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UAV ASATM-F by Jarndahusky UAV ASATM-F by Jarndahusky
The quest for the perfect fighter continues.

This is the latest development of the ASATM-F Project. A few new concepts have been produced as a result of some serious design needs. The biggest being that this fighter is UAV (Unmanned Arial Vehical). There is no pilot, and thus there is no need for cockpit, or life support. As a result, the fighter is able to pull manuvers that would otherwise kill or seriously injure the pilot.

Also, the basic design of the fighter is very much diffrent then most traditional fighter concepts. Given the design's basis of engineering it has also been modified with a tripod leg design. This would be far more stabler.

A new weapon system is being employed in this model. A belt fed Mini-Missile Launcher system has been intergrated into the hull. (an idea that a friend of mine came up with). Each launcher has the capablility of holding around forty mini-missiles. The System has a very high fire and reloading rate making it extremly leathal. This particular design concept involves seven rifle cannons distributed across the hull.

Oh, while this fighter is UAV, it is not controled via Artificial intelligence, or conventinal remote control. In essence the fighter has a pilot, but the manner in which it is interfaced is very much diffrent. The pilot stays at the base carrier, and uses a neural interface. This allows the pilot to become the fighter in all manner of speaking. The Neural interface would over-ride the senses of the organic body and put the senses of the fighter into the pilot. Also independent motor control is over-rided and is used to control the fighter. Communications between pilots is carried out by rapid thought transmissions, which are far faster then speech, even if it has been reduced to acronyms.

So, yeah, this is the latest development of the All Service All terrain Military Fighter development project.
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July 14, 2005
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