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Come Home Safe by Jarndahusky Come Home Safe by Jarndahusky
[Edit: Added The description that I wanted to add. Kinda late, but meh]

The wind's chill sent shivers down her back as she looked up at the dark night sky. All she could hear was the rustle of the tree and seemingly endless plains of long grass. The occasional crackle of the fire reached her ears, but beyond that nothing else could ever be happening.

Had not one looked up, they wouldn't have noticed the lights twinkling and scaring the night sky. Somewhere up there, he was there. She couldn't hear the screams, could not even feel the pressure of the conflict which raged on.

She could not feel anything but the very emptiness of her heart. Knowing that it could forever be empty. A tear slipped from her eyes, soaking into her soft fur.

The images played out in her memories. The last time she saw him. His strong jaw, the ears pointed towards her in full attention, his eyes. He smiled, even though they both knew what was to happen. The battle.

"Come home safe," she whispered to him as they held each other in their arms.

He said nothing, save for his strong embrace.

She shivered again as another breeze pushed her dress about her. She was cold, very cold. Were it any other day she would have sought out warmth, but the wetness in her eyes and the night scars reminded her why she stood here. Another tear soaked into her fur. Her eyes would never leave that sky till he came home to her.

"Come home safe," She whispered into the wind, "come home."
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November 22, 2007
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