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Future Cityscape 1

A relatively quick concept for a futuristic city using Vue (3d application) and Photoshop. Vue is a fabulous software which helps me a lot getting my ideas into a visible picture.
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Yo can I use this one in a film me and some friends are making?
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Very impressive artwork jarling-art ..You are very advance in thinking of the future :) .
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I saw your art work and I would like to invite you to submit your work for the art competition "Future Cities, Future Life."

More info bellow:

Future of Human Rights Forum is currently accepting submissions for its international art competition, Future Cities, Future Life. Through this initiative, FHR Forum will work with artists, designers and architects to envision an ideal world based on the fundamental principles of human rights.

Future Cities, Future life is open to both established and aspiring artists who have an interest in human rights, development, and the environment. Here we ask artists to use their work to answer the question:  How would you like to see future cities (including villages, town, and communities) in 100 years? Submissions may reflect real or fictional cities, and are encouraged to incorporate aspects of green living and environmental sustainability.

If you are an artist, designer, or architect and would like to showcase your work to an international audience, then submit your work to FHR Forum before November 15, 2014. Your work will be judged by a panel of experts and selection decisions will be made in November.…
hello may i use your work for a book project. It is absolutely beautiful....
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Oops sorry, this link.. [link] not the 1 below
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Awesome work, though I can recognize the sky preset you used from a mile away, check this out [link] I also used the life & death preset but I modified it heavily,.. Vue is great but it sticks out like a sore thumb so try and make things look unique whenever you can.
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your work so perfect :heart:
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Mind if I use this for an RP? I'll credit you, of course.
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If you don't use it commercial i have nothing against it...
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Can I use this please? It's for school, we're making a magazine and mines on the future. I'm doing a page on artist's perspectives on what they think the future will be like, I'll give credit for sure! ^^ Can I please use this?
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just go for it, as long as it's not for commercial purpose i have nothing against it...
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Thank you! ^w^ Now it isn't.
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That's a really original layout. Love it.
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It's cool how even though it seems the environment is being devoured by buildings and pollution, there remains a sense of beauty to the picture. The active city gives a thriving feeling to the piece, even though no life is shown. The sky is beautifully painted. I love how the steam/smoke from the factories and buildings melt into the sky to form 'clouds'. Great job ^^
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Luv the city. I am a big fan of the future :)) lol But, really great work ...
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Did you use Infinite or xStream for this?
Awesome work, I'm interested in scenery but haven't really tried it yet. :P
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