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Death of Hurrilupp Color by JarlFrank Death of Hurrilupp Color :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 3 0 Death of Hurrilupp (Kroete Reloaded chapter 1) by JarlFrank Death of Hurrilupp (Kroete Reloaded chapter 1) :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 1 0 Giant Butterfly of Death Color by JarlFrank Giant Butterfly of Death Color :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 1 0
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch - Part V
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch – V: Of Magic and Cute Toes
They all planned to meet at Leonore’s house in the evening. Amelia and Marilka decided to go home first to put on new socks, so everyone agreed that they should visit Leonore around 7 P.M. That gave her enough time to think about how best to explain magic to her friends.
It wasn’t easy. She didn’t really want to tell them, but after today’s events she had to. How did it work? What could it do? And why didn’t anyone know about it?
The most important thing she had to mention was why nobody should know about it. Magic was a powerful tool, and if the existence of wizards and witches became public knowledge, governments and criminal organizations the world over would try to get their hands on them. Of course, in the best case scenario that would mean countless job offers with excellent salaries, but even then, the wizard community would never know peace again. Most wizards and witches liked
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 14 4
A Warm Summer's Day Illustration by JarlFrank A Warm Summer's Day Illustration :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 0 0
A Warm Summer's Day
It was a warm summer’s day with the sun smiling down from a cloudless blue sky as they walked along the beach promenade, holding each other’s hands and enjoying the weather. It was the first day of their holiday, which they had been looking forward to for weeks, and what better way to start your holidays than to spend a romantic day at the seaside together?
Milena placed a kiss on her girlfriend Anastasia’s check and smiled. “What a great day for starting our holidays. It’s sunny, it’s warm, there’s a fresh breeze from the sea… just lovely.”
Anastasia grinned and kissed her back. “Yes, it’s lovely,” she said, “but it’s a little bit too warm. I shouldn’t have put socks on this morning, my feet feel like they’re baking in there!”
Milena laughed. “Well, how about we sit down for a while so you can take them off? There’s a low wall over there from which there’s a really n
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 9 0
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch - Part IV
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch – IV: The Sock Cutting Curse
“That’s a nice spot. Let’s sit down there,” Amelia said.
Marilka and Clarissa nodded. They spread their blanket on the spot Amelia had indicated and sat down.
“Pretty nice day for chilling on the grass,” Marilka said, enjoying the sun.
They were in the park – not too far from where she had first met Leonore, Marilka noticed – and it was a hot summer’s day, the temperature reaching over thirty degrees Celsius.
“I have to get these shoes off. My feet are sweating so much in there,” Clarissa said. She wore cut-out booties that offered a glimpse of her sockless feet below the ankle – at least they weren’t as stuffy as the closed boots she usually wore. And she found that glimpse of un-socked ankle incredibly sexy.
“That’s what socks are good for. Your feet would be much less sticky in those boots if you wore some,” Marilka r
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 22 5
Fredegunde by JarlFrank Fredegunde :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 1 0 Kamikazius the Wizard and his Wife in a Bath by JarlFrank
Mature content
Kamikazius the Wizard and his Wife in a Bath :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 2 0
Krote Sample Chapter: Hummelgumpf der Bruzzelzwerg
Dies ist ein Kapitel aus meinem Buch "Die Kleine Gelbe Kröte". Wenn euch das Kapitel gefällt, kauft euch das komplette Buch auf Amazon - und gebt meiner Autorenseite auf Facebook ein "Like":

Der arme kleine Kerl zerfiel zu einem Aschehäufchen, als er vom Blitz getroffen wurde. Eine frische Brise verwehte seine kläglichen Überreste schnell in alle vier Himmelsrichtungen.
„Aber Schatz, warum hast du den armen Kerl denn erschlagen?“, fragte Hera mitleidig. „Der konnte doch nichts dafür!“
„Geschieht ihm recht!“, rief Zeus erbost. „Wie kann er es auch wagen, mir eine solche Nachricht zu überbringen! Das muss ich mit meinen Kumpels bereden…“
Er nahm seinen Laptop heraus und schickte Thor und Jesus über das Götternetz eine Nachricht, in der er ihnen mitteilte, dass sie umgehend zu ihm kommen und ihre Väter mitbringen sollten. Es dauerte nicht lang,
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 0 0
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch - Part III
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch – III: An Unforgettable Evening
Leonore knocked at her friend Clarissa’s door. She had invited her over for their traditional monthly meeting – Leonore, Amelia, Clarissa and Anastasia would meet every month for strong beer, loud music and fun games at Clarissa’s place. This month, however, Anastasia, Clarissa’s best friend, was on a holiday and not available – so Amelia said she’d bring a friend of hers as a surprise guest.
But it was likely that she would still have to wait a little while before finding out who this new girl was, as Leonore was the first to arrive. Just as always.
“Oh, hi there Leonore,” said Clarissa as she opened the door. With a wink she added, “You’re early again.”
Leonore grinned. “Well, what did you expect?”
Clarissa laughed.
Leonore entered the house and sat down on the couch in the living room. Clarissa took a seat next to her, staring down
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 25 3
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch - Part II
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch – II: A Short Break in Time
Leonore enjoyed a nice walk in the park on a warm summer’s afternoon. She had taken off her flats and carried them in her hands as she walked barefoot through the grass. It was slightly wet and very soft, and she loved the feeling of grass and earth beneath her soles. And, of course, she also loved to check out the feet of other women. Quite a few girls who sat on the grass to relax, read or have a picnic with their partner had removed their shoes and were either barefoot or in socks.
“This is why summer is my favourite season,” Leonore muttered to herself with a gleeful smile on her lips. Beautiful feet were everywhere, as women tended to wear sandals or flats, often combined with cute anklets or colourfully polished toenails. Those that wore closed shoes like sneakers, moccasins or very short booties usually wore them without socks, allowing a glance at their ankles – and maybe even a bit o
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 30 3
Leonore the Foot Fetish Witch - Part I
The life of a powerful magic user was quite different from what common people imagined it to be. There wasn’t any great wizard republic kept secret from the non-spellcasting population, no mad sorcerors trying to conquer the world with their arcane abilities, no backstabbing wizard politics or schemes to gain ever greater magical power. All these things would either be horribly impractical or just too damn difficult to pull off. There’s no need to form a secret wizard government when the mundane government manages to govern everyone efficiently enough. Trying to conquer the world on your own would be a suicidal move when there are other mages with similar powers around, as well as modern militaries with weapons more destructive than anything a wizard could conjure. A wizard’s life wasn’t that different from anyone else’s – with the exception of occasional magical shenangians, of course. Messing with normal people was the favourite hobby of many mages
:iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 48 3
Attack of the Battlemice by JarlFrank Attack of the Battlemice :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 1 1 Giant Butterfly of Death by JarlFrank Giant Butterfly of Death :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 0 0 Kroete Cover Full by JarlFrank Kroete Cover Full :iconjarlfrank:JarlFrank 0 0


Chandra, Pyrogenius by Rhineville Chandra, Pyrogenius :iconrhineville:Rhineville 341 11 Through a Blood Red Veil by davepalumbo Through a Blood Red Veil :icondavepalumbo:davepalumbo 1,845 186 slainette by IgorKieryluk
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slainette :iconigorkieryluk:IgorKieryluk 183 3
The Battle 10 by WarriorKnight
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The Battle 10 :iconwarriorknight:WarriorKnight 19 1
Prisoner of the Sun by Edenknight Prisoner of the Sun :iconedenknight:Edenknight 71 14 Thelana at Northendell (15) by Alexey Lipatov by AGEOFAENYA
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Thelana at Northendell (15) by Alexey Lipatov :iconageofaenya:AGEOFAENYA 114 13
Jayla Lookout by barbachossa
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Jayla Lookout :iconbarbachossa:barbachossa 24 1
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Achilles and Penthesilea :iconbernie53:bernie53 54 9
arena by dleoblack arena :icondleoblack:dleoblack 1,099 68


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I'm a writer of fantasy, scifi, bizarro, (soft) erotica and everything in-between - there is no greater joy than to mix and combine genres, and to play with a reader's expectations.

I'm writing short stories for anthologies, have self-published my first book (in German) and write a series of foot fetish stories here on Deviantart. I also draw occasionally, usually illustrations of scenes from my stories.




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