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Happy New Year!

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A few really quick thoughts:

1) DA's reimagining, rebranding, updated logo, and overall story is fabulous. I will have more to say later, most likely in a longer journal post.

2) I am going to make a concerted effort to be more active in the community again.

3) Need to rebrand my own image here on DA. The current branding is a bit ... dated.

It almost feels like I'm coming home after being gone for years ...


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Hello world Handshake This probe's for you! 
Long time no talk ...
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Long time no see! It has been a super-busy few years. Last year especially so, with the huge 9.1 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The March 11 event hat trick caused a huge amount of pain throughout Japan, touching and affecting the lives of millions.

As a result of the disaster relief efforts, I was crazy busy last year, especially the months immediately following the huge earthquake and its after-effects. I never really got time to think through a decent web strategy ... until now.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce my deviantART family and friends to jark.me.

What started out as a cool URL shortener for my personal use on twitter has been transformed into my new home on the internets. This is the one site where I will primarily share my thoughts on various topics and upload content - such as pictures - for sharing.

I hope all is well with everyone around here. Sorry I do not participate like I once did, but life has dramatically changed since those good ole days - days I will always remember with fond memories.

Take a look at jark.me when you have an opportunity and please let me know what, if anything, you think of the site. I always love to receive constructive criticism on my projects.

Speaking of which, before I run ...

A few close friends and I are working on a web-related project many deviants might find intriguing. Stay tuned for more information. ;-)



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On January 1, 2009, Rich and I launched our tribute to technology evangelism and Miso Soup, hoping to one day be a valuable branch of the blogging tree as well as possibly build our very own Death Star. Imagine how cool a TechMiso Death Star would be, serving up fresh Miso Soup concoctions daily! Seriously though, TechMiso is written by a couple of passionate geeks who enjoy tech conversation, tech criticism, insightful tech commentary and acute analysis of the technology realm. Was the word "technology" used enough in that statement?

TechMiso has written about a variety of topics since our launch, such as government, Google, Apple, Entertainment industry and assorted topics. Here are some sample articles:

:pointr: HOWTO Use Wordpress to Create a Tumblr-like Tumblelog
:pointr: CIO's Say 'No' To iPhone - Call It Non-Business And Say Touchscreen Keyboard Is Impossible
:pointr: The Future of Music Is In The Clouds
:pointr: HTTPS Aloof On Gmail, Facebook And Other Major Websites
:pointr: Desktop Twitter Clients Are Pointless
:pointr: Why is Whitelisting Absent from Telephones?

If you have some time to check out our little part of the world please stop by TechMiso for some good, old fashioned conversation and complimentary Miso soup.

TechMiso can be found on the web at techmiso.com/


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